Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish

Finally, the day has arrived. The day I can FINALLY afford something from Louboutin, without relying on my trusty credit card.

Has there been a mass sale? Have they slashed the price of size 8? No. (Although, the latter could occur…)No, now you can a piece of the famous red-soled brand and even get change from two purple English notes.

This week Louboutin Beaute launched, with Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish landing first- and unsurprisingly it sold out pretty quickly.


The signature red shade is apparently an exact replica of the red paint applied to the sole of every Louboutin shoe, and sounds right up my street! But, for you nude and bright fans, the news on the grape-vine is that their Noir, Nude and Pop collections will launch sometime in September 2014. Probably to coincide with SS15 I’d imagine.

Now, as much as I’m excited by the idea of finally owing my own bit of Loub’ magic- my little tiny bit of practicality is wondering how on earth I’ll paint my talons with that bottle?!

Maybe I’ll stick to my trusty OPI after all!



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