5 Steps to Great Nails

Ever wondered how to have great nails? Not just average nails, but strong, healthy nails all year round?

Yes? Then help is at hand, from my lovely colleagues at OPI, so make sure you tune into QVC this Wednesday and Thursday for a bargain treat! The genius’ behind the salon favourite nail brand have created ‘5 Steps to Great Nails’ featuring everything you could possibly need to create and keep long, strong nails.



So what do we get?

Original Nail Envy, Avoplex High Intensity Hand Cream, Avoplex 15ml Cuticle Oil, Avoplex Cuticle Exfoliant and a 30ml Non Acetone Polish Remover. Phew!

Now, you will have heard about me harp on about Nail Envy and Avoplex Oil either here, in the salon or on air, but seriously, this stuff changed my nails way before I was a twinkle in the OPI team’s eyes. So please believe me when I say this stuff WORKS.

It is however important to follow the rules. I’m never one to follow the rule book, but with this 5 step, I would suggest you do! Now, firstly pour yourself a glass of your favourite wine or a nice brew and settle down on a comfy couch, in front of your favourite film. Done? Good, now it’s time for a rather lovely DIY manicure!

Step 1.

Remove your current polish with the Non Acetone Polish Remover. Simply soak a cotton pad (or a lint free wipe if you have them) and hold over the nail. Wait a few seconds before gently pulling upward, and Ta Dah! Polish be gone, and a lovely floral scent as you do so.

photo 1

Extra Step!

File nails to remove any excess length. Now, I know this set doesn’t include a file, and I’m adding an extra step in here- but- if you have some spare pennies please do invest in the OPI Crystal Nail File. It will last you forever (as long as you aren’t silly and drop it like I did!) and you can file your nails in any direction without causing splitting and peeling.

Step 2. 

Apply a small drop of Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment to the base of each nail and gently massage into cuticle. Now sit and enjoy that wine and film for 5 minutes. Press pause and throughly wash your hands. Why after 5 minutes? This is a PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH product, and one we use in the salon. This exfoliant is packed full of fruit acids, meaning those acids are gently eating away at the dead skin cells. So we don’t want this left on our nails all night now do we?!

photo 2

Step 3. 

Nail Envy time! And the time you must follow my rules!

1. Apply your first coat of nail envy, which acts as your base coat.
2. Follow with two coats of your favourite OPI nail lacquer, if you wish. Why not try the new Nordic collection?!
3. Apply a second coat of envy as your top coat
4. Apply another coat of envy every other day
5. Remove on day 7 and start again!

photo 3

Step 4.

Once nails are completely dry, apply Avoplex Cuticle Oil around the cuticle area and gently massage, being careful to avoid damaging your new manicure! Rich in avocado oil, Avoplex oil absorbs deeply and quickly, leaving a non greasy finish. Elbows feeling a bit dry too? Pop some on there too! Avoplex oil is my saviour for parched skin on photo shoots!

photo 4

Step 5.

A lovely hand massage with Avoplex Hand and Nail Cream is just what the doctor ordered! Remember to repeat your oil and hand cream routine several times a day for beautiful nails all year-long!

photo 5

Voila! Perfect new nails!

Now, it’s your summer resolution to keep it up- my orders!

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