Kryolan Masterclass

Well what a lovely weekend it’s been! Spending some catch-up time with my wonderful friends in Dalston and Clapham and an unexpected invite to the amazing Kryolan masterclass, from my favourite make-up haven Charles Fox.

Charles Fox is located in central London, a few steps from Covent Garden market, one of my favourite spots in the city to sit and watch the world stroll by. A short few steps away is also the stunningly beautiful Royal Opera House, which is home to the Royal Ballet, somewhere I dreamt of visiting as a young but clumsy ballet student, and where the Masterclass was held! The two buildings have been closely linked for over a hundred years, being the first two buildings in the Covent Garden area and with Charles Fox sponsoring the in-house make-up team, so the location was very fitting!

photo 1 (2)

Notebook at the ready!

photo 2 (2)

Look whose in the goody bag!

The jam-packed day of demonstrations started with Gemma and Paul from the Charles Fox team, who created the latest looks for AW14 and SS15. These looks have been designed from the ‘mega trends’ (a trend that is around long-term) of health and individualism. Gemma’s AW14 make-up focused on a matte complexion with soft eyes and creamy lips.

Paul on the other hand designed a brighter look for SS15, using candy tones of pinks and purples. My favourite part of this look was when Paul applied the wig which had been coloured using Kryolan Colour Spray, and brought the whole look together.


photo 4 (1)

Gemma from the Charles Fox team at work


Paul’s finished SS15 look


Next up was Emily and Caroline who came all the way from Belgium to create their looks featured in the 2014 Kryolan calendar, which were inspired by the fusion of make-up and science. Both looks were very avant-garde using techniques such as bald caps, embellishment and body art. It was fascinating to watch and totally inspiring, especially for someone who isn’t the most ‘arty’ of artists! The hair was also styled by upcoming genius Joey Bevan, you’ll be hearing this name a lot more soon be certain of that!


Emily and Joey hard at work


Emily’s finsihed look


The amazing dress made of bubble wrap by the talented Joey


Caroline’s finished look


The talented Emily Dowd also joined us, after 2 years travelling the UK and Australia with the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar, including my childhood heroine Mel C! Emily won the IMATS make-up competition after studying her craft at the prestigious West Thames College before going on to work alongside make-up maestro Carolyn Roper Emily spent over an hour demonstrating her looks of main characters Jesus, Judas and Mary Magdalen whilst sharing lots of secrets and behind the scenes gossip of life on the road. Emily’s story was truly inspiring, and her career is set to continue on its upward climb!

photo 1 (4)

Emily demonstrating Jesus ’39 lashes’ make-up


Mary Make-up worn my Melanie C in the show


Jesus contoured body make-up

From one type of theatre to another we were joined next by the in-house team at the Royal Opera House who demonstrated a strong Ballet make-up from a recent show, which was a fusion of abstract art and traditional ballet.


Abstract eye make up


Finished look by the Royal Opera House team


Last and by certainly no means least, we were joined by one of my idols Sandra Cooke. Sandra’s career started in her hometown of Sydney, Australia where she assisted another of my idols Rae Morris. Now living in London, she is one of the most in demand fashion make-up artists living a life I can only dream of. Sandra demonstrated two fashion looks, both of which I adored, and was in awe of.

All in all, a wonderful and inspiring day, and one I hope to experience again and again!



finished look with plum tones


Natural and contoured

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