It seems there is a hashtag for everything these days we’ve got #ThrowbackThursday, #PhotoOfTheDay and now #MyNo7Feeling. Yes, the UK cosmetics giant has launched their own hastag, inspiring us all to try a new make-up look and talk about how a new look makes us think.

Which led me to think about how my make-up makes me feel. Personally, there is a direct link between my appearance and how confident and full of energy I feel. If my hair is lank and my roots are starting to peek through, you can guarantee I’ll be feeling a little down and even a tad lethargic. But get me in the hair chair, with my lovely Rougette Kelly, tinting brush and hair dryer in hand, and an hour or so later I feel like a new women. Do you know what I mean?

Same goes with my make-up. If I have an important meeting or a big day ahead, I NEED my signature red lips in place to feel alive. Even if it’s only a slick of mascara and a swipe of lipstick, I feel ready to take on the world.


My daily flicks and red lips


But, what would happen if I tried a new look?

No7 supplied top beauty bloggers such as Really Ree (who I LOVE) with 7 different sets of products to try over the space of a week. I found it really interesting to see which looks the bloggers found boosted or dinted their confidence, and even how different they appeared day-to-day.

So, what would happen if I tried a new look?! Luckily, this week the So Coco Rouge studio has been full of make-up trainee’s, and I managed to blag a pew in the hot seat with the fabulously talented Laura! So it’s goodbye flicks and red lips, it’s time to try deep, burgandy eyes and natural conotured eye and nude lips.

photo 1 (1)

Natural eyes and lips by make-up trainee Laura


Blended burgandy smokey eyes by make-up trainee Laura

 How did I feel? Good, or so I think! I would defintely rock the more natural eyes, but would probably be tempted to slick on a little bit of my signature lips on the sly! The burgandy eyes really made my eyes pop, but I think I’ll need a little added dose of confidence before these came out the salon!

What is your signature look? Will you br brave and try something new?!

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