PickWick Magazine Cover Shoot

pickwick cover

Although it’s not the fashionista city of London, Liverpool is still a vibrant creative hub jam-packed with artists, stylists and photographers eager to get their work gracing the commuters daily read.

Luckily for me, one of my lovely friends, stylist Louise Dwyer (who is also part of the SCR Pro Team!) along with her sister, Diane, a tailor, and friends Sara Cullen an illustrator/designer and Emma Warren a maker/artist, came up with the idea of a quarterly magazine whilst enjoying a rum or two in one of my favourite pubs, Peter Kavanagh. Peter K’s, as it was affectionately known as, housed many small hidey-holes, one of which was named Pickwick.

And one year ago next week, Pickwick Magazine was born. Full of Fashion, Photography, Craft, Illustration, Interiors, whilst succeeding in their aim to showcase the regions great creative talent, it’s quickly become a Liverpool favourite.

So, you can understand my excitement when Louise booked an SCR Pro artist, and I happened to be free to take the call! Off I went, with huge kit and new assistant in tow, ready to create a clean, beautiful make-up for this Autumn’s cover look.

Now, a mere few days prior, I had been sat in the beautiful Royal Opera House watching one of my idol’s Sandra Cooke, creating the most stunning of natural no-make-up’s at the Kryolan 2014 Masterclass. So, to say I was full of ideas and inspiration for such a flawless look is an understatment.

photo 3 (4)

Set up and raring to go!

photo 1 (6)

Boss Model Rachael prepped for make-up

photo 2 (6)

Finishing make-up

photo 4 (4)

A quick selfie on set, with my new assistant Alex


I used mainly MAC and Illamasqua products on model Rachel, such as MAC Face and Body Foundation, mixed with Studio Tech Concealer to blemishes and uneven skin tone and Strobe Cream to highlight the tops of cheekbones, and Illamasqua Hollow to add contour.

Sticking with a simple, sleek pony tail and naturally messy hair, I complimented nails using OPI Nude Nail Envy and added natural sheen to arms and legs with OPI Avoplex Oil.

 I cannot wait to see the final images, from talented photographer Kerry Spicer, when PickWick is published on August 28th.



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