We are all used to renting. Whether it be renting a flat, renting a car on our Summer holidays or even renting that out of financial reach, designer dress from the fabulous Girl Meets Dress. But what about renting nail varnish? Is our failing economy seriously now suggesting we cannot afford to buy a measly bottle of nail colour each season?

But at Coloristiq, it’s not about cost, more about trying new shades without the commitment of housing them until they die an untimely dried up, gloopy death. Launching next month (September 2014), the service will cost £14.49 per month, which you can quick and easily pay by direct debit.

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Once you’ve registered and paid your 4 weekly dues, it’s time to browse the selection of polishes from salon brands such as OPI and Essie, before creating a wish list. Next, you’ll be sent three bottles of polish from your wish list, which you can try to your heart’s content for the month, before sending back to Coloristiq HQ. Leaving it time for your next three to wing their way to you!

Now, I’ll hand on heart say I probably won’t be the first person to sign up to this service, solely because I own more OPI nail lacquer than my huge kit can handle. But, I know lots and lots of friends would jump at the chance of trying the latest bright, nude or dark polish, without the commitment or upto £36 price tag. (RRP OPI Nail Lacquer is £11.95 and Essie £7.99)

My favourite part of the Coloristiq brand? Their Pinterest page. If you love to browse nail art ideas or regulary search for manicure inspiration, then I’d certainly add this page to your list of favourite pinners.

Will you be subscribing to Coloristiq? What shade of nail varnish will be top of your wish list?!


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