Nail art tutorials

As you may (or may not!!) know, I work very closely with the professional salon brand OPI, representing the team on QVC shows here in the UK. I’ve been obsessed with the brand since I first discovered my mums nail varnish collection as a youngster, and since studying the manicure diploma of my beauty qualification, it’s been the only nail brand I can 100% trust for longevity and choice of colour.

BUT– as we all know, nail art is huge. And as a manicurist, I should be able to do this is my sleep. Right?!

Wrong! Just as I’m not the type of make-up artist who can produce body art or artistic, creative designs, I have always struggled with creating intricate nail looks.

Until now, or so I hope. Because, a few weeks ago I discovered The Nailasaurus, a fantastic nail blog jam-packed of video and image tutorials plus lots of stunning nail images.

photo 1 (1)

The Nailasaurus Instagram page


Sammy started the blog back in 2010, after falling in love with the nail stamping technique a few months before. Her blog is now visited by 56k visitors a month, whilst her inspiring Instagram page boosts nearly 54,000 followers. Not bad for someone who admits to using a normal desk lamp to light her professional looking images!

Whilst browsing The Nailasaurus, I came across MoYou, and their interesting selection of nail art accessories. This  London based company which launched five years ago, is a hub of creativity, with gorgeous illustrations and lots of nail plates to whet your nail art appetite.

photo 2 (1)

MoYou’s fantastic illustrations!

Nail stamping is something I have been newly introduced to, and with the selection on offer at MoYou, I hope a tool to make my nail art creations much easier and successful! You simply paint your polish over the selected design on the image plate, before scraping away any excess product. Next, roll your stamp over the plate and roll onto the nail. Voila! Nail art in an instant!

I’ve recently made my first MoYou order, so join me next week when I’ll be trying Sammy’s techniques out for myself!

Have you tried nail stamping? What is your favourite nail art tool?

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