Benefit Bling Brow

Now the blood and gore of Halloween is boxed off for another year, it’s time to return our attention to pretty, sparkly, party make-up.

Did I grab your attention at sparkly? Are you a girl who loves a bit of bling on a Saturday night?! Yes?!

Then, grab your coat and head down to your nearest Benefit brow bar or boutique quick sharp!

Today they launched their latest service and a limited edition kit- Bling Brow. A service which basically blings up your brows. My pearl loving self is already shaking in my brogues.


Bling Brow Art Deco

Bling Brow Art Deco


Experiencing a sense of deja vu? Me too, as two years ago I created this seriously blingy brow, designed by the Art Deco Creatives team for celebrity boutique Cricket’s Christmas extravaganza. You can relive that glitter filled day here.

Before you have an OTT make-up meltdown, Benefit aren’t suggesting we disguise our beautifully groomed, tinted and HD’d brows with gems. Bling Brow instead, offers three types of Swarovski crystal adornment, which are available in a range of shades from diamond to rose gold.

Touch of bling from £4

Over the top bling from £10

Big time bling from £16


Benefit Bling Brow

Benefit Bling Brow


If you fancy spending that little bit more, I’d suggest treating yourself to the Bling Brow kit. Priced at just £19.50 this beautifully boxed set contains 53 self adhesive Swarovski crystals, tweezers and a great how-to booklet.

However, I’d arm yourself with Dup eyelash glue from MAC for a longer lasting finish, which will easily remove with cleanser at the end of the night leaving your brow hairs intact.

duo glue

Duo glue


Why? Well, no-one wants to find a crystal in their Cosmopolitan now do they?


Benefit Bling Brow is available now.




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