OPI whisked me away to 'Hawaii'!

OPI whisked me away to ‘Hawaii’!

If someone was to whisk you away from the cold, windy streets of Liverpool and place you onto a sunny beach, complete with cocktails, surf boards and flower garlands, you wouldn’t say no would you?

How about if that touch of paradise was in fact the London celebrity spot The Ivy and included a catch up with friends, a manicure from one of your nail idols and a glimpse into what Spring Summer has in store?

Thought so! Which is why I was delighted when an unusual Hawaiian shirt landed in my postbox a few weeks ago, and the reason I hop footed it to the capital this week for a night to remember.

OPI Hawaii Invite

OPI Hawaii Invite


This season is Nordic, last year we had Brazil but next Spring we have the stunning Hawaii collection from professional nail brand OPI.

This 12 piece collection includes bright, fresh tones inspired by the beautiful Hawaiian landscape. Plus, as featured on the SS15 catwalks, this collection takes inspiration from the bold, metallic, printed fabrics we will soon be sporting.

As with every OPI collection, there is some thing for everybody. Lush greens such as the pastel toned That’s Hula-rious! and the bright, pearly finished My Gecko Does Tricks. For those who prefer red or coral tones, we have the sunset inspired Aloha from OPI, creamy orange Is Mai Tai Crooked? and golden red Go with the Lava Flow. I always love OPI nail lacquer names, but these are just brilliant aren’t they!

OPI Bottle

OPI Bottle

Aloha from OPI!

Aloha from OPI!

The collection also includes pretty pinks and purples, such as Suzi Shops and Island Hops, Hello Hawaii Ya? and Lost My Bikini in Molokini. Plus we have my latest favourite Just Lanai-ing Around, which is a creamy mauve and makes a nice change from the red talons I usually sport.

Finally, we have a signature nude, Do You Take Lei Away?, shimmering sea blue This Colour’s Making Waves and golden shimmer Pineapples Have Peelings Too!

OPI Hawaii collection

OPI Hawaii collection


So, we’ve seen the shades, but what else went down at the famous Ivy that evening?

Well, firstly I finally met the gorgeous ReallyRee in person! Some of you will know I have been contributing to Ree’s popular beauty blog recently, which is an absolute dream for a novice writer like myself. It was such a pleasure to meet her at long last!

Then, during the presentation by the fabulous team at Coty, we were introduced to the OPI A Team. This team of manicurists are some of the best in the business, and will be joining OPI at a whole host of events. I was lucky to jump right in with one of the A team for a Hawaiian manicure before my first cocktail had even been sipped, but what I didn’t know, was that this manicurist was one of my nail idols. Trish Lomax.


My manicure from Trish Lomax

My manicure from Trish Lomax

Just like with my make-up inspirations, I have been following Trish’s work for a long while. By ripping her work out of magazines to keep in ‘inspiration’ files, admiring her fashion week work on Pintrest and viewing her agency portfolio online. So, it was an absolute thrill to discover I met the lady herself and received one of her A-list mani’s!

Also on the A Team is nail art guru Sophie Harris Greenslade AKA The Illustrated Nail (another manicurist I’m pretty obsessed with and an Instagram account you MUST follow) and the lovely Bryony McMillan, who is a pro at educating newer artists and shows off her skills on many fashion shoots and shows.


Finally, I do have one tit bit of gossip from the notorious Ivy, relating to the next silver screen OPI collaboration….

OPI 50 Shades of Grey

OPI 50 Shades of Grey


But SSHHHHH! You must promise to keep it hush hush a while longer! I shall reveal all soon I promise! 






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