My Little beauty micellar water

As you’ll no doubt have guessed by now, I love all things Parisian. Especially the image of being sat in a quaint cafe, drinking coffee, eating croissants and writing about my beauty fortunes (or misfortunes, as it may be today!!)

One of my favourite Parisian treats is my monthly box of goodies- My Little Box, which last month spoiled me with a gorgeous Diane Von Furstenberg scarf amongst other things!


My Little Beauty Micellar water

My Little Beauty Micellar water


Also hidden in my box of goodies was Eau Micellaire Demaqillante, from My Little Beauty. (Also known as a Micellar Cleansing Water, to those of us whose French ends after Bonjoir…) I’ve tried a few Micellar waters in the last few years, so was pretty excited to try a Parisian favourite, to remove my flicks and red lips.

Which is where this gets a bit tricky….


My Little Beauty Micellar water

My Little Beauty Micellar water

Whether it’s a hyper-sensitivity to the added aloe vera, or the fact I’ve been a little run down of late, this cleanser and I didn’t exactly get on.

Now, I’m not suggesting I had a horrific allergic reaction, nor did I throw it out straight away, never to be used again.

BUT– my skin did not like this one bit. My eyes burned, my skin felt hot and a little bit raw afterwards. Sure it looked fine, but it certainly didn’t feel right.

Which shows sometimes, we really are best sticking to what we know!





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