Dior Silver Eyes Mirrored Liner

We’ve all got them, or perhaps we are even one of them. You know, those friends who stare at you intently during the Summer months, pretending to listen to your relationship woes/ tales of drunken nights/ latest fashion buy, but are actually inspecting their appearance in your sunglasses reflection.


Well, thanks to Dior and their genius make-up artist Peter Phillips, a reflective orbital area is now no longer a Summer only occurrence.


Peter Phillips for Dior AW14

Peter Phillips for Dior AW14

Introducing, Dior Silver Eyes. A set of metallic, stick on eyeliner. Whatever next hey?!

Available sometime this month, and already proving popular on todays Vogue Instagram feed, these are no doubt going to prove popular this festive season.


British Vogue Instagram

British Vogue Instagram



I have no idea the price bracket of Silver Eyes, but I’ll take a wild guess and say it won’t be the cheapest present you ever bought yourself.

So, if your budget is tighter than your post Christmas jeans, try these on for size!

Barry M offer a bargain buy of just £4.29 for their Metallic Liquid Liner available in four shades.


Barry M Metallic Liner

Barry M Metallic Liner


Little bit more cash to splash? Try Illamasqua Liquid Metal. This pigmented cream does tend to crease if not applied in small quanties, but a small line applied to the top lash line will add a metallic, mirrored finish every Dior girl will be envious of!



Illamasqua Liquid Metal

Illamasqua Liquid Metal







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