Oh I do like to live beside the sea side….

Which is exactly where I have been hiding for the past few months. Beside the seaside and under mountains of boxes. When they say moving is one of the best stressful times of your life, they weren’t lying.

That said, the past few months have also been my most exciting. And I now officially live with a boy. Well, not just A boy, MY boy, the aptly named Mr Flicks.
He’s left the bright lights of the big city and joined me at the beach, in our very own seafront apartment. Complete with every girls dream- a dressing room!

While the home life has been busy, work has been busier. Why do things always come at once hey?!

Over at my lovely little salon, So Coco Rouge, Robyn and I have been busy plotting our next moves to change the world. First stop- improving local training!

Not content with our workshops, 1-2-1 training and college visits, we’ve upped the ante and created our own courses. Launching this Autumn, The Rouge School will be offering short and longer courses designed to give students a realistic working experience in their hair and make up training.

So, add a teaching training course and countless essays into the mix, and you have the recipe for a missing blogger. But don’t worry- I’m now well and truly back!

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