The Rouge for business!

Once again, work has had me snowed under and pushed any blogging time to the minimum. Even basic wedding planning has taken a back seat for while! For this October, saw the official opening of The Rouge School.

Rouge School

Opening? Well, technically speaking Robyn and I have been training make-up artists in 1 day courses under The Rouge School guise for a few years now. But, after teaching the current government syllabus’s  and finding the short falls within an outdated text book, we decided to put our heads together a write our own.


It wasn’t easy. In fact, at times it was stressful, confusing and hard hard work!! Yet, 12 months down the line, it was definitely worth it.

Our 19 week, MUA Pro course, is fully accredited by the Beauty Guild, after undergoing lots of fine tooth combing! Meaning it is a recognised certificate within the beauty industry, and all alumni will be eligible for insurance- an important factor for us.

So, on October 5th, 6 bright eyed and make up eager girls joined us and took their first steps into their new careers! Two months in, and we couldn’t be prouder. Their skills are constantly developing, and they inspire us week on week with their sheer ambition and determination to make their mark on the make-up industry.


There is lots ahead come 2016 for our new Rougettes, so stay tuned for an update!


If you are interested in attending The Rouge School, please email for a prospectus.


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