The good, the bad and the downright rude.

It’s now nearing the 4 month mark since Mr Flicks planted a sparkly vintage inspired rock on my finger- and the wedding planning has hardly got off the ground.

Surprising, since I’ve always blagged that I could easily organise my big day in a matter of weeks, thanks to a decade working with brides.

How wrong I was!!!

Yes, we know our theme, colour scheme, bridal party and all the nitty-gritty, but the venue is proving more than a tad tricky to pin down.

Now, working with brides on an almost daily basis I presumed all suppliers were as friendly, excited and passionate about a brides big day, as we are at So Coco Rouge. Apparently, I couldn’t be more wrong.


We have now officially ‘viewed’ three potential venues- and had two very off putting experiences. No niceness, no wedding talk, not one question about our needs for are day.

The first venue for example- advertised as a grand hall, yet your ceremony is in what can only be described as a conference room. That blow could of been softened if the member of staff on the door holding champagne and canapés could of stopped gossiping with her mate to at least greet us and welcome us to the venue. First impressions are everything after all.

The venue we viewed this weekend however, takes pride of place. The most beautiful venue, set in an exclusive estate, surrounded by a stunning lake and greenery. Breath-taking rooms, lovely suppliers (they most certainly DID have manners!) and unfortunately, the rudest wedding planner I have ever come across. Each question I asked was dismissed and I left feeling so deflated. A contender had suddenly become a no-way, thanks to one persons attitude.

Here’s hoping the next venues attitude gives us a lift!



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