Welcome 2016!

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe we have fallen into 2016 already- 2015 seemed to fly by quicker than any of my previous 28 years!


It most certainly was!



2015 was a wonderful year, filled with love, happiness and laughs. From moving into our first home in April, to getting engaged in August and ending the year on a huge career high with the opening of The Rouge School in October, it’s been a very special one.



Plus, it’s been an incredible year for those closest to me. My mum passed her driving test, which was one of her oldest goals and greatest dreams, Mr Flicks gained the promotion he’s been working so hard for, and one half of our best friends moved into their first home, a flat directly beneath us! You can image the champagne that’s been drunk in the past 6 months!

We also had the arrival of two very beautiful boys, my godson Seb and our nephew Charlie, whose smiles and cuddles have made this year even more special!


And now it’s onto a year of planning our big day! With all the big events at the tail end of last year, we agreed all serious wedding planning should be left to January. (Which is pretty difficult given that myself and my VIP bridesmaid Mrs B have been dying to start trying frocks on!)

So it’s a month of wedding venue viewings, photographer searching a serious ‘pinning’ …. I hope you enjoy joining us for the ride!

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