Shedding for a wedding 

I know, I know. Such a cliche! But in my case, for the next few months it’s a way of life!

After working with so many brides who stress themselves senseless after ordering a dress 1-2 sizes smaller than they currently are, I’ve promised myself I won’t order or even try on dresses until I’m 100% happy with my size. And that size must be attainable in the long term, not a short term starvation fix.

I think we’ve all got our ‘happy‘ weight. That one where your favourite jeans fit like a glove, you like yourself in the majority of pictures and you feel just downright happy from day to day. It doesn’t matter want size or weight it is- it’s just the one that makes you smile when you step on the scales.

Unfortunately, thanks to a major Christmas glitch ( think eating and drinking every calorific item in sight) I’m a good few pounds heavier than that supposed happy weight. Which is more than annoying, after I’d been working my socks off to hit by target weight a few weeks before the festive season.

Yes, after gaining around a stone in ‘happy, loved up, co-habitating’  weight, I headed back to the place I knew could help me.

Slimming World.

My local group has saved me before (when as a 21 year old living in her first own home who decided take outs could replace cooking…) and I knew the basic principles of SW would make weight loss simple and long term.

For those of you who are new to Food Optomising (SW term for their programme) it’s all about giving us back control on what we eat, with no strict regime or diet plans. Just a weekly weigh in with lots of group support.
Simply put, your day is broken up into the following

  • Speed food – most vegetables and fruit, with a low calorie content
  • Free food- meat, potatoes, rice, pasta etc plus lots and lots more!
  • HEXA- a measured amount of calcium, such as cheese or milk 
  • HEXB- a measure about of whole meal bread, oats etc.
  • Syns- those cheeky extras you might need to make meals magical or to curb your temptation. Aiming for between 5-15 syns. 

Personally I find following the principles straight forward and staying to group each week makes a huge difference in your drive and ambition each week. You almost don’t want to let your fellow SW friends down by falling of the wagon!

So after a Christmas blip, it’s time for my weigh in tomorrow morning and to take Slimming World by the horns!

With around three months before I new to start the dress hunt, it’s going to be one healthy winter ahead!

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