The hunt is on

Venue hunting. It’s turns out is a lot harder than you think. Well it is when you are determined to only be satisfied with butterflies.


my motto for life!

We’ve looked out for venues that blow us away pretty much since we got engaged, but nothing’s really ‘hit the spot’ or ticked all the boxes- is it really that hard in such a wedding obsessed country?! 

It feels like we have scoured the lengths and breadths of Cheshire, Mersesyide and Shropshire looking for the ‘one’ for us, but so far to no avail. 


Palm House

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve stepped inside some of the most beautiful of homes, admired some stunning hotels and explored unknown parkland, but they’ve yet to leave me with those butterflies, excited nausea or stamp your feet in joy smiles. And when, in some cases, your spending not far off your years salary, it’s got to be absolutely right, right?! 


Delamere Manor

But then, there is one. One which has had my heart since I first stepped foot in there to pamper my first ‘model‘ bride. 

One which still nearly a decade on, stillhas my stomach in knots as I drive down the driveway, gives me goosebumps everything I step inside and reduces me to actual tears when watching my beautiful brides enjoy their own day there.

But will my husband to be  love it as much as me??! That is the final question.

Watch this space…..

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