Our Budapest adventure and a week without the ‘W’ word

They really are all consuming. They take over your newsfeed, Pinterest habit and often daily conversations. Not only do they take up much of your purse strings, they too often take up much of your out-of-work mind space too.

Ah yes, weddings.

I’d heard lots of couples talk about taking a few days away before the wedding itself (a pre-moon if you like) to really relax, unwind and appreciate the massive step you are about to take. With many couples banning any talk of the upcoming day itself, (marriage, however, you can talk about) the W word is off the cards.

And I can totally see why. When you both work full time, with one day a week dedicated to spending time together, a weekend of just you-time can be very much desired.


Budapest Palace

Which is why we decided to leave all ‘W‘ talk at home when we jetted of to Budapest last week. We explored cobbled streets, wandered down the river Danube, drank lots of craft beer and ate scrummy Langos– and pretended we didn’t have a wedding book at home pining for us. And it was blissful. Truly truly blissful. No big decisions to make, no calculating spreadsheet and no constant reading of Love My Dress in the hope of yet another amazing idea.


Beer time!


Langos menu


Traditonal langos

If you haven’t explored Hungary yet, then I’d highly recommend you do. I adore the place, and their Parlimentary buildings are definitely in my top 3 architectural loves. There is something new to see and explore around every corner.


Budapest Parliment

We stayed at the Casati Hotel, which was a stones throw from the main shopping and drinking district. PERFECT!

This hotel is modern, quirky and really rather fabulous. Prosecco at breakfast? No problem. A car to the airport? Our pleasure. Tickets to a candle lit boat cruise? Let us organise that for you. Nothing was too much trouble. Plus the cracking cocktail bar next door wasn’t to be sniffed at!


Tuk Tuk Cocktails

Saving, planning and organising for a wedding is stressful enough without rewarding yourself with some downtime. If you want my advice? Budget a mini break or 2 into your wedding costs.

I honestly don’t think you’ll regret it.

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