Charlotte Tilbury ‘The Gift of Goddess Skin’

Ten days in, and I’m definitely not in goddess territory. But maybe that’s because I’m still drinking more coffee and wine a day, than I am water. Not a good combination for a pre-wedding complexion.

With us nearing the 12 month mark, and my skin noticiably ageing and drying out a little bit more each day, it was time to take some action. And if your treating yourself to something hardworking, it can at least be pretty too- right?!

In steps my current obsession- fellow ginge, Charlotte Tilbury and her magic potions.

The Gift of Goddess Skin Travel Set, £39.00 really isn’t badly priced. The set is boxed beautifully and includes a 15ml Magic Cream, 15ml Goddess Skin Clay Mask and 15ml Wonderglow, each of which are packaged in mini versions of their best selling parents. I also received two free samples- Multimiracle Glow and Magic Night Rescue Cream, to complete my new skincare regime.

After much research, I began my evening routine with Goddess Skin Clay Mask, massaging in using Charlotte’s Wonder Workout, before leaving for ten minutes, and rinsing.

Apparently, this clay mask will leave my skin moisturised, dewy and glowing whilst also tightening  pores and clearing my imperfections. Sounds like a winner!

As I was getting ready for a cosy night in bed, I followed with Magic Night Rescue trying the Wonder Workout (which you can read more  about here. It’s pretty long to include in this post!!) 

In all honesty, I wasn’t that overwhelmed with the Workout- it’s pretty much the same routine I have always used with my clients and therefore at home on my own skin too. But it’s always good to hear that Ms Tilbury and I are working from the same text book! 

The following morning my skin did definitely feel better. Less tight, less itchy and more radiant.

I started my day with the Multi Miracle Glow, which feels really good when massaged into skin. Next, Rinse, pat dry and follow with Magic Cream. The name says it all really doesn’t it? And every girl believes in a little bit of magic.

Plumping, Anti ageing, soothing and radiance giving– it’s apparently a miracle in a bottle. It feels lovely on, but we definitely need a few weeks more to see if it’s really worth the £70.00 price tag!

And Wonderglow? So far I don’t rate it. If it’s a radiant complexion your after, I’d suggest investing in Illamasqua Radiant Veil, which offers a more noticeable glow.

I’ll keep you updated on my exploration into the world of Magic Tilbury skin care- hopefully in a months time my complexion will resemble a goddess’!

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