Lumee Vs Glamcor. Who lights up your life?

Lighting, it’s the new buzz word around the selfie lovers. It used to be all about filters, airbrushing and clever editing, and now our attentions have all turned to what beautifying  moves our bulbs have on offer.

And it’s not just in the world of make up, no, even your average Jo cares about what lighting she’s shot in.


Glamcor Classic light

Within the salon world and homes of Beaty bloggers you can often spy ring lights, soft boxes and the famed Glamcor Classic Light– the latter which we even have set up at The Rouge School.


Cool Glamcor Lighting

My thoughts? I’m still on the fence. The cool light with 4 intensity settings is great for showcasing detail, but for me, it also takes a lot of ‘life‘ from your complexion. Perhaps that’s because I’m super pale and don’t really rock much blusher- but in this light I need a definite boosting life, in the form of a well loved bronzer. Glamcor might be the bloggers fave, but it’s got a long way before its one of mine.

So what about the new selfie light craze-The Lumee phone case ? Well, I own one, which is a shocking enough statement to start with. Anything the Kardashians boast about using usually is the last thing to make it through my Amazon checkout. But a new phone and an offhand comment about my love of ‘granny cases’ (granny chic in my book!) lead me to give this gimmick a go.


warmer Lumee lighting

So far? So good! It’s easy to use and offers a warmer light than our Glamcor friend. I’m not 100% sure I can see much difference when using the light up case but it certainly draws in the crowds! 

Have you tried a Lumee case? What do you think?! 

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