Wedding dress distress 

VenuebookedWeight loss goalhit. Dress huntstarted the moment the ring landed on my finger!

But now it’s time for actual real life dress hunting. Not Pinterest searching, not pouring over wedding magazines, actual dress shopping.

Yet how do we know how to prepare for such an occasion? We may dream of trying on these dream princess dresses, but is it all it’s cracked up to be?

This week I visited a number of well known dress boutiques, all of which offered a different experience. Apart from slipping into a few numbers at a wedding show earlier in the year, this was my first real life ‘say yes to the dress’ scenario. 

Having no idea what to take or how to prepare, I took a punt that nude Spanx and a strapless bra where probably a given. NB: if you wish to try backless dresses, Spanx somewhat ruin the illusion. Think Jones opposed to Bardot. 

With my monsterous size 8 feet, I gathered shoes might also come in handy. That was until I was handed a pair of Primark ballet pumps in one boutique- a four grand dress (yes I know, £4,000, I coughed too) and Primark shoes don’t exactly seem to be perfect partners. But I’m glad I dragged my sparkly heels along, as sqeezing my tootsies into a size 5 pair of stilettos would of resembled an ugly sister stealing Cinderellas glass slipper. Not such a princess moment.

Anyway, back to the shopping! The first assistant encouraged me to try a number of styles, shades and length of dresses to establish my style. Having presumed I knew EXACTLY the type of dress I wanted to wear, I was of course suprised to find this possibly wasn’t the best style to enhance my shape, but gratful to discover this earlier rather than later. 

However, trying all these dresses can soon become exhausting. In fact, in one boutique I actually asked the assistant to stop bringing dresses through-we were onto around 15 frocks at this point and none of them really hit the spot. I found you can quite easily get overwhelmed by all the Ivory beauty in one small room! Plus it’s even harder when you are informed you’ll be removed from the premises if you dare to take a picture. 

But then in another, I was in and out within a half hour. Beautiful dresses, super stylish location and a hard to find designer- but just not the ones to float my boat. Typical when I’d waited a good few months to blag an a coveted appointment.

Yet the final shop brought something different. A smaller store, a very friendly and down to earth team, and an array of beautiful dresses. 

And possibly the one.

Most certainly the one I did not want to take off. The one to make me feel like a bride and the one to bring tears to my mums eyes (yeah ok, and mine too)

So will I say Yes to the Dress??

Watch this space. 

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