Skin care dispair 

I’m sure some of you will know the feeling. That feeling when your current moisturiser runs dry and you actually can’t see any difference from what it was like previously. 
Do you believe the hype and repeat purchase to try again? Or jump ship and invest in a new regime? 

Either option can end in pricey mistakes, and those kind of mistakes just aren’t open to discussion right now. Saving for a wedding really doesn’t leave much wiggle from for expensive purchases, as I’m sure many of you understand!Anyway, back to the breif- finding a skin care regime for my late twenties, combination complexion which tends to enjoy a regular break out and is currently unveiling my first few wrinkles. 

I’ve tried a few famed brands. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced and Clinque Youth Surge (now that one was a BIG mistake…) but I’m still to find the ‘one’.

With a wedding looming and the big 3-0 drawing near every day, it’s time to take action, but which brand to choose?!

I’d love to hear which skin care brands you like to use! 

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