To be or WED 2B?

WED2B. If your getting hitched you’ve probably notice this brand popping up all over your Facebook and Instagram feeds for the past few months. 

Chloe Lloyd for WED2B

Branded as a discount wedding store, with prices around the £500 mark, their advertising (featuring the amazing Chloe Lloyd, who I was lucky enough to work with on many occasions in her early days!) screams anything but budget. In fact, everything about their branded seems more luxurious than their price tag.
So what’s the lowdown? I popped by one sunny Monday lunchtime expecting a bargain basement of musty, damaged sample dresses, discarded due to their dated styles or unflattering fabrics.

Well, how wrong was I.

On arrival I was greeted by a wonderfully friendly team, who instantly made me feel differently. They asked all about my big day before insisting I took my time looking at dresses and selecting 5-6 dresses I liked in my current size. As it was a quiet day there was no maximum number of dresses I could try, but it’s recommended to pick no more than this on your first visit to the changing room!

WED2B Wedding Dresses

Dresses were available from a size 6-30, which I personally believe is their biggest selling point. Either sqeezing into tiny dresses or feeling swamped by one too big never feels glamourous and makes choosing THE dress even harder than it needs to be. 

After selecting my 5 dresses I was guided into a large dressing room with 8 cubicles. Now, I’ve always dreaded being in a room with 7 other girls trying on their dream dresses, but honestly it I didn’t even notice another person in the room. Everyone was so friendly and in their own ‘zone’, rather than nosing round judging one another. 

Yes, I know, but I couldn’t resist!

I chose dresses I was sure I’d like. Vintage-esqe, detailed and pretty full on. Yet nothing floated by boat. Sure they were nice, and for the price they certainly felt as well made as some of the more expensive dresses I’ve tried, but they just didn’t wow me.

Until the lovely assistant brought through two dresses I would never, ever of selected. And to my horror, I liked them. Mum liked them, and we felt like our eyes had been opened up to other possibilities. They still aren’t the ‘one’ but priced at £399 and £499, fitting me perfectly and ready to take home that day, you really can’t complain. 

With a great selection of veils, head pieces and accessories too, you really could create your whole look easily under a grand.

So my opinion has changed greatly. WED2B is certainly not a bargain basement option, but one to try, consider and enjoy. 

Eye opening to say the least. 

WED2B stores are now nationwide. I visited the Liverpool Store, located within the Port of Liverpool building in the city centre. 

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