My new Crown Brush staple. 

You can never have enough brushes. Make up brushes, hair brushes, I collect them all.

Luckily for me, at So Coco Rouge, we stock my favourite brush range Crown and have recently introduced two of my absolute favourites to our collection!

Silicone Liner and Domed Dual Fibre. 

I already have more than enough angled liner brushes and I’m up to my eyes in dual fibres, but these two are just too good not to live in my growing collection!

Love a flicked liner but HATE the way product clogs up the bristles? Then you will love the Silicone liner. Product quickly and easily wipes away, whilst the brush tip keeps its shape and precise fine edge. I always find my bristles splay and loose their definition within weeks of use, but you’ll never have this issue with this little beauty. 

Then there’s the dual fibre… Foundation- check. Powder- check. Blusher, contour, highlight- check, check, check.

Apart from eyes and lips I can pretty much do my whole face with a dual fibre, but the shape of this one just makes it even easier. You can get right under your eyes, sculpt round cheekbones and delicately highlight any area. Love love love. 

So much so, I have 3. One to use, one in cleaning and one drying. You know, just in case I don’t have one ready instantly!

You can purchase all Crown brushes by visiting their website or if you are luckily enough to live in Liverpool, by popping into the So Coco Rouge salon in the city centre. 

You won’t regret it! 

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