Behind the scenes at QVC

Phew, a long, exhausting day is over!

You would never believe how tiring  a QVC TSV is- considering its generally 5-6 20 minutes shows, I feel like I’ve ran a marathon! Even repeating the same advice, tips and pro secrets becomes exhausting. Who knew?!

Anyway, what a day it was! The staff at QVC were as ever, fabulous! 

backstage finds

QVC is a rather fabulous place to be- it’s super pretty, so friendly and with a chilled, fun atmosphere. You’d almost never think it was live everyone is so cool, calm and collected!

what a camera!

Even the backstage area is gorgeous, and I was  lucky enough to have my very own dressing room- which was soon occupied with copious amounts of make up!

dressing room love

The backstage team was headed by Roo Maurice, who is absolutely incredible and such an inspiration to work with. She created the models hair styles backstage and even styled mine between shows- and it was lovely to be sat in the chair for a change! We were sharing our backstage salon with Percy and Reed, another inspiring brand!

After all the prep was complete, it’s time to hit the air! For these shows I was representing Instyler and talking about their cult products- The Titanium Barrel and Tulip Auto Curler.

on set with Instyler

models on set

If you tuned in, what did you think of the Instyler tools?!

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