I’ve said YES TO THE DRESS! 

It’s happened. It’s purchased. It’s mine!

I’ve finally finally found THE DRESS- and what a beauty of a dress it is!

Obviously I can’t really tell you anything at all, but I will tell you it’s different to what I imagined, but in the best possible way.

And when people say ‘you’ll just know’ and ‘the dress will feel different to all other dresses’ For me, IT DID. I definitely knew it was the one as soon as I stepped into it, which I was worried I wouldn’t do.

I visited quite a lot of bridal boutiques along the way, and had a real mixed bag of experiences. But the experience I had at Boutique Brides in Crosby, Merseyside was top notch, first class. Friendly, knowledgable and Honest, without being sales pushy or too ‘Say Yes to The Dress‘ OTT. I truly felt at home here, and knew the girls were speaking the truth when I asked for their honest opinion on certain dress elements or accessories. 

So a note to all you brides-to-be, wait for that feeling and that boutique. It’s the dress of your dreams after all…. And shouldn’t be a nightmare experience.

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