A week of relaxation by the sea

Sometimes all we need is a week of walks by the beach, cuddles with the youngest member of the clan and unlimited cider consumption to recharge our batteries.

By the seaside

So, after a mammoth few weeks of weddings, teaching and early prom appointments, I headed south to the seaside town of Porthcawl, not too far from the capital Cardiff. We stayed in a gorgeous caravan, which was perfect for late morning laziness, early evening snacking and late night drinking!

The weather may not have been on our side- but sometimes a seqa breeze is all you need to reset your sails!

Finally giving these Cath Kidston pumps a whirl!

Porth Cawl


I also tried my hand at archery- which was surprisingly easier than I ever expected! It’s a great sport to try if your not particularly sporty (I’m definitely not!!)  and I’d highly recommend it!

Not a bad attempt!

Plus we managed to spend two pre-wedding milestones together- now there is less than 10 months and 300 days to go. EEEKKKKK!!!!


The best way to spend the day

What plans have you got this Summer?

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