Wedding Budget Blues

For all you brides-to-be, you really need to join us in the Love My Dress Facebook group. It’s a splendid little place dedicated to wedding chit chat, rants and support when needed. There’s no better place to find supplier details, decor inspiration and to air any big day niggles.

Plus you mind certain members joining the blogging community by voicing their opinions on the weekly feature, From The Heart, on the official Love My Dress page.

And last week, that post really came in handy. Written by former bride-to-be, and now happily married Mrs, Claire, the post focused on that Big Black Cloud– the budget. And how to justify your spend, no matter what others opinion may be.

Now your budget is as personal as your pant size, political opinion and monthly salary- yet no-one bats an eyelid when they ask how much your spending on your big day. Or even considers how rude, abrupt or upsetting their response can be if you actually ‘fess up to the big (or little) number.

We made our budget on day one of planning, and have so far stuck to it pretty well. We’ve had finicial ups and downs in the 11 months since we selected that figure, but for us, it’s still he right amount of money to be splashing out on what will be the most important day of our lives so far.

Now, we don’t own a house, have any children or any serious debt to consider. Neither do we scrimp and panic month on month to meet our savings goal, still making sure that that weekend away we desperately need or gig we are dying to go to, are still part of the plan. We work our socks off and if we want to create the day of our dreams, so be it.

So why do people feel to need to comment?

From working closely with brides, mainly on a 1-2-1 basis, I’ve heard it all before.

‘Are your mad?! I’d rather save up to buy a house’

‘God I’d need a second mortgage to afford that type of venue/dress/photographer (whatever your main splurge is)’

To the polar opposite 

‘I can’t believe your ONLY spending X amount, won’t you regret it?’

‘Oh it’s a sample dress? Like one people have tried on before?’

And the all so common 

‘Why waste all that money when you could spend it on your honeymoon instead’

WHY DOES IT MATTER?! If it’s right for you, your day and your dream, then why do we let other people’s opinion rain on our parade?!

Which is why we need to let it go, invertly roll our eyes and give a little secret giggle to ourselves when said friends, acquaintances and the general population feel the need to judge you on your budget. 

And remember- when all is said and done- it’s your day, your dream and your fairytale.

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