Pre-wedding pampering at Solaia Spa

Well it’s a been a while, and whilst life is passing us by at lighting speed we’ve landed just before Christmas and a mere 4 and a half months the big day….eeekkkk!

So like all ‘me time treats‘ my facial routine has kind of bitten the dust of late, leaving this pre-bridal complexion lacking all kinds of lustre. 

Luckily for me, I live a few miles away from one heavenly spa. Solaia Spa at Hillbark Hotel, located within the pretty grounds of Roydon Park on the Wirral, offers a wide range of hairdressing and beauty treatments in the most relaxing of surroundings.

My therapist Suzanne greeted me with the friendliest of smiles and tastiest lattes (you can always win a girls heart with a good coffee first thing in the morning) before our in-depth consultation. Approaching 30 with not the healthiest of diets and a strong coffee addition my skin is not exactly in the best of conditions, with fine lines, uneven tone and breakout blemishes a plenty, so I was excited to try the suggested treatment of Microdermabrasion

Off we went to a cosy treatment room, complete with heated bed, relaxing lighting and a handy mirrored ceiling so I could even watch the treatment and see my skins transformation in real time!

What is microdermabrasion?

Microdermasion uses a highly controlled flow of fine, medical grade crystals to remove the outermost layer of skin. This then reveals new, living skin cells which are soft, smoother and ready to absorb nutrients. Microdermabrasion stimulates cell renewal, improves circulation, reduces lines, wrinkles, acne and scaring and eliminates dull, rough looking skin.

Now that all sounds pretty damn good to me!

My treatment began with a relaxing cleansing massage, think sleep inducing, total bliss relaxation, before the microdermabrasion began. During this part of the treatment, which takes around 30 minutes, Suzanne passed the Derma Genisis hand piece over my skin with its suction forcing the medical grade crystals to lift off daily grime and layers of dead skin cells. Feels slightly tickley, but definitely not uncomfortable- it’s not a case of pain is beauty here!

Once completed my skin was treated to a tailor made mask with anti oxidants from SkinCeuticals, the perfect perfect end to the treatment.

Suzanne said ‘SkinCeuticals treatments and products provide scientifically proven skin improvement through use of its active pharmaceutical based ingredients and processes.’ Before going on the recommend my at home after care to ensure I received the most benefits from the treatment. 

Immediately afterwards my skin left fresh, smoother and almost more awake. It’s not recommended to apply make up after microdermabrasion, and luckily enough I wouldn’t even want to. When your skin looks this good, you want to show it off!

Solaia Spa at Hillbark Hotel, Wirral, currently have an amazing offer on Microdermabrasion.

For a limited period, you too can treat yourself to a pamper for only £49.00 instead of £70. 

To book please call 0151 625 4040

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