Coming on Leaps and bounds with The Wonder Weeks

Clingy, crying and cranky. All our babes can be like it from time to time… let’s me honest, sometimes it feels like ALL the time, but have you considered they could be going through a developmental leap?

It’s something I hadn’t even heard about, let alone considered. But good old Amazon threw up a cracking recommendation and during one of those delightful nightfeeds I clicked a button and The Wonder Weeks landed on my doorstep the next day.

But, you don’t need a hefty book to guide you through the fussy future, the app is just as brilliant, I’m just typically someone who prefers a good old fashioned book. (She says whilst typing this post on an app…..)

What is a leap

With 35 years of research to support their claims, the theory behind The Wonder Weeks is that babies experience ten ‘leaps’, when they discover new skills.

For example in leap 1 at five weeks babies tend to give their first proper smile.

The timings of these leaps coincides with their due date rather than birth date, giving you a forecast as to when the leaps will occur.

How can you tell if baby is in a leap?

Luckily the app features a handy leap alarm to give you a heads up that you need to buy a bucketload of wine look out for signs of fussiness. ‘Fussiness’ includes being clingy, crying more easily and generally a change in temperament. If your kid is anything like mine, you don’t need an alarm… you’ll know šŸ™ˆ

How can you survive

Personally I’ve found solely reading about the leaps has helped me not lose my mind, and watching the skills they start to show once the fussy period has ended is worth its weight in gold. It even suggests games to help support the development of these skills.

Our ergobaby carrier is also invaluable, when they just want to be carried but your back can’t take it and you need to get the washing done. Seriously, it becomes your best friend.

Is it worth the hype?

Whether you believe in it or not, for us it works. Having something to relate to your current situation (also known as the screaming child) really helps, and understanding what joy is at the end of the leap makes the craziness bearable.

Do you use The Wonder Weeks? Do you find it eases your stresses?

Sian xx

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