Maternity leave perks- Baby Cinema

I always imagined maternity leave would be super boring. I envisaged days and days of feed, cry, nap, repeat and my sanity quickly escaping through a crack in the door.

Turns out, I’m absolutely loving it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m more achy and tired than I’ve ever been from a weeks work and the days I have ventured back to ‘the office’ (not that I’ve ever spent a day in an office…) have been some of my favourites, but I’ve not felt boredom for one single millisecond.

Most probably because there is SO MUCH stuff you can actually do with a baby… well a baby that sits still. (One of the major perks of a Pavlik Harness. Every cloud and all that) Each week we’ve been heading out to ‘our’ exercise class, massage and baby cinema coupled with music groups, sensory rooms and lots of brunch dates for good measure.

But as I’ve had a good few messages asking about Baby Cinema, I thought we’d head down that pathway today.

Baby at a cinema

How does it work?

Just like a normal screening really! The only difference is that the lights are dimmed rather than off and the sound is softer- less of the dramatic bass that makes you jump out of your seat.

Prams are ‘parked’ up front below the screen and the little ones carried to your seat. As the screenings tend to be quieter than your average, there’s plenty of space for changing bags, blankets, toys etc and most people aim for the aisle side in case of emergencies escaping with screaming child.

But if they do scream, cry, throw a wobbler it seriously doesn’t matter. You are all in the same boat, and we all know how it feels when it’s your kid whose spoiling the dialogue. I don’t know anyone that’s managed to catch the whole film, but you are out the house and doing something ‘adult’ and really that’s all that matters.

What films do they show?

When I first heard about these screenings I was imagining myself catching us with Disney classics, but no, a whole host of things are on offer. I’ve managed to see Tales of Grindelwald, Mary Poppins and Stan & Ollie, and I know the Aquaman screening went down extremely well… I wonder why πŸ€”πŸ˜

Who tends to go?

Well, parents and babies is a pretty obvious place to start, but many are joined my grandparents, friends and other family members too. You’ll also find some parents head there alone and others attend in groups, however you choose, everybody is super friendly and chatty. It’s a great place to go and meet new faces without worrying too much about making loads of small talk.

There is a limit to 2 people to every 1 baby in the majority of cinemas, but I’m sure if you phoned ahead it wouldn’t be a problem if you wanted a group outing.

Which cinemas offer this?

Baby friendly screenings are popping up all over the place these days. We live by the sea on the Wirral, and there is 4 cinemas that locally offer these viewings, some independent and other large scale chains. So I’m sure there will be some in your local area too. I always pop down to The Light Cinema in New Brighton, so if you are local, I’ll probably see you there!

(I’m the one always dressed inappropriately for the weather with the nosey kid who likes nothing more than having his own chair πŸ™ˆ)

Sian x

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