Our Hip Dysplasia Journey- Ergo Baby and Sling Libraries

Three weeks in and one week to go until the all important follow up scan to see if Ace has regressed. If you’ve got this far into our DDH journey I’m sure you read the previous posts that have led to this point- but if you’ve randomly come across this particular one, you can catch up here.

Ace is now 100% harness free, so our focus is on ‘wearing’ him as much as we physically can, keeping his legs in the ergonomically correct M position.

Ergo Baby

Possibly the BEST baby shower gift we received was our Ergo Baby carrier. I’d always fancied a sling of some kind to wear Ace on holidays, but hadn’t began to research which ones would suit our lifestyle or tastes, when my friend bought the ergo. As a mum of two herself, and someone hot on back health, she knew the Ergo would suit us well and she couldn’t of been more right.

There is a great choice of carriers from Ergo and we have the Adapt which can be used from birth until approximately age 4 for forward facing, back and hip carrying only.

Why wear?

I began to ‘wear’ Ace quite early on, after reading that the closeness can help build stronger bonds in the early days and help with colic and reflux. Given our feeding issues it seemed just the ticket.

Before hand though, we arranged for baby wearing consultant Ruth from Carrying Connects to visit us at home to teach us the correct way to use our carrier. This was especially important because at this point we were awaiting Aces ultrasound for his hip ‘click’. Ruth was so clued up on carrying correctly in all types of slings and carriers and made sure we knew the importance of hip healthy positioning whether Ace had DDH or not. It’s important for baby legs to be held in an M position, with the legs supported by the sling up to the knees. If you can imagine how a baby sits almost in a V shape in a jumperoo? That’s the exact position you want to AVOID.

Anyway, the reason we are wearing now, is it’ll keep Aces legs in the same position as the pavlik, so hopefully we won’t see a drop in his angles. It also means I can quickly get on with any housework without having eyes in the back of my head whilst he bashes away at the baby gym whilst simultaneously trying to roll!

Sling Library

If you are not sure that baby wearing is for you, or wary of splashing the cash on something that might not be for you, try and look into your local sling library.

Our local one offers 1-2-1 help and advice plus a very reasonable hire of numerous types of slings and carriers. They also serve a cracking latte so it’s win win!

We headed down last week just to have the ergo adjusted correctly to Aces weight and height to ensure his hips are correctly placed. Having reassurance really eases any worries and stops me questioning that I’m not doing more harm than good.

You can find your local sling library here. Or if you live on the Wirral you can head down to the one in Birkenhead, like I did. For more information you can like their page here.

Ready to make the leap and purchase your own? Make sure you visit the International Hip Dysplasia Institute Hip Healthy Product List and ensure your carrier is hip approved. DDH sufferer or not, hip healthy carrying is ultra important.

Sian x

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