Our Hip Dysplasia Journey- Hip Healthy products

It was all a bit of a learning curve when Ace first came home in his Pavlik Harness. We’d got used to ‘sitting’ him up in his angelcare bath seat over the Christmas period and were preparing to treat him to a Mamas and Papas Snug Seat with his Christmas vouchers.

But quickly realised that not only would he not fit in either of these, most seats would potentially push his legs together defeating the purpose of the harness.

Luckily thanks to the Facebook DDH communities I found two items that would work- the Fisher Price Sit Me Up and a Bumbo seat.

Fisher Price Sit Me Up

This folding seat is available in the garishly bright giraffe or frog design, the former with a tray feature and the latter with toy rings.

Fisher price sit me up

I’ll be honest, the ‘hole’ you pop the baby through into the seat is rather small and Ace wouldn’t fit through when he was in his harness, however, it’s been a lifeline since he’s been pavlik free.

Fisher price sir me up

The leg area is open and spacious meaning legs aren’t constricted in any way. Many people have also cut the crotch harness and added Velcro to make this wider and more comfortable.


The Bumbo seat however was a life saver for the pavlik days. It just needs a little bit of a makeover first…

Bumbo seat


I picked my Bumbo up for a few pounds on Facebook Marketplace, because you really don’t want to start hacking into something that’s cost you £40+.

Adapted Bumbo seat DDH


The Bumbo is made of foam so is easily cut to shape! I used an old bread knife to cut into the sides of the Bumbo to give lots more room for the legs, ensuring there was no foam to apply pressure onto the outer part of the thigh.

Adapted Bumbo seat DDH


Finish by sealing the open foam with some attractive gaffer tape. It’s not the most attractive of items, but it works!

Adapted Bumbo seat DDH


I’m still using the adaptive Bumbo now and will continue to do so, a normal Bumbo will restrict Aces legs and push them out of their natural ‘ frog like’ position.

Adapted Bumbo seat DDH


If you really want to splash the cash you could also invest in an Upseat (which I’m still really tempted to do) It’s ergonomic and maintains the correct seating position, to aid your little ones posture.

Is there anything else?

Before Ace was born we splashed out on a Joie Sansa Swing and luckily (because of the hefty price tag) he’s been able to use it through his treatment. The seat is wide and the overhead arch has kept his arm muscles working out whilst he legs were relaxing.Joie Sansa Swing

For further information on suitable products, take a look at the Hip Healthy product list from International Hip Dysplasia Institute here.

I really hope his helped, if anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to DM me over on Instagram. The hip community over there is simply wonderful.

Sian x

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