Moving on from last weeks Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week (what a mouthful that is!), apparently we are now coming to the end of Weaning Week.

So what better time to update you all on how Ace is getting on with his grub! It’s been a messy few weeks to say the least. 🙈

Making a start

If you’ve read my posts previously you’ll know I attended a brilliant Weaning Workshop with nutritionalist Lucy Malone and decided to go down the traditional weaning route of purées and then finger food. A decision I came to after discovering that tongue tied babies tend to gag more, and I didn’t think my nerves could cope with establishing what is gagging compared to choking on a regular basis.

There’s vast opinions on where to start with first tastes, from sweet apple purée to bitter greens, and I favoured the latter. Ella’s Kitchen First Tastes Book features a great 2 week journey and a pull out chart pretty enough to adorn the fridge, making the first fortnight easy peasy purée.

Is he really ready?

I wouldn’t say Ace was desperate for food. The majority of my friends babies would watch them eat with great interest, try to pinch a morsel off their plate and even winge when they didn’t get a taste of the good stuff during dinner time. Ace couldn’t of cared less, he’d much rather spend his time playing and causing mischief. But he was nearing the crucial 6 month mark, so we took the bull by its horns, so to speak.

First tastes

So his few first mouthfuls of potato went as to be expected, followed by nonplussed tastes of cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli. But come days 7 and 8 (Avocado and Courgette), when I was starting to feel the pressure of the Insta comments advising that I should of started with sweet, he smiled, opened his mouth wide and bashed his little hands with excitement. We had a greens lover!

Four weeks in and he’s tried all the veggies, alone and combined and we are now starting on fruits (apple was an absolute winner, as to be predicted!!) and proteins such as butter beans and chickpeas. He’s even started with full fat cows milk and porridge in the morning in addition to his mid afternoon veggie based tea.

It’s all in the prep

Knowing we’d begin weaning at pretty much the same time as I’d return to work, I set amount prepping and pureeing veggies for the freezer during my last week of Mat leave.

Steaming, blending, cooling, labelling and freezing. We could of had a production line!

But it made the whole thing so much simpler. From taking out the veg of the day to picking and choosing my ingredients for the multi veg recipes. It’s something I’ve continued to do, until he’s able to take chunkier textures and finger foods.

Moving forward

All in all, I think he’s starting to enjoy food 🙈 I think hand in heart he’d rather be playing with his hideous plastic, noisy toys, but playing with the taste and texture of food will hopefully grow on him day by day.

This post has ended up lengthy enough, so I’m going to save my must have (and don’t bother) weaning bits for a separate post to follow this one. You know how I like spending pennies on things he probably won’t need… 🙈

Sian x

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