Happy Birthday Birth Centre!

What a week! We’ve had a house filled with norovirus, the GOT finale and finally a sunny bank holiday to look forward to. 🤞🏻

But, we’ve been celebrating the anniversary of the first birth at our local freestanding Birth Centre. And seeing the midwife who delivered Ace for the first time since we were discharged.

Midwife, mum and baby

What’s different with the Birth Centre?

If you’ve read my birth story, you’ll know that I’d really hoped to give birth at our local birth centre. It’s not attached to hospital ( in fact it’s a 7 mile drive from it) but an independent centre with its own team of magnificent midwives.

The Highfield Team are a group of experienced midwives who are dedicated to helping mums achieve a home birth, or an intervention free birth centre delivery.

The beauty of the Highfield team is that you are allocated a named midwife from your booking appointment all the way through to birth (all being well on the rota system!) But it’s such a small, tight knit team, you’ll end up knowing them all and happy with anyone when the time comes.

My original midwife, Jo, took all bar 2 of my appointments, which I could have at home or at the birth centre. Helping me feel at home and comfortable in the surroundings I would hopefully labour in. This really eased my fears of needles and hatred of clinical surroundings. And when I repeatedly measured small and sent on my way to hospital, it was comforting to have the same midwife explaining what was going on to us.

What’s at the birth centre?

Let’s start with what’s NOT at the birth centre.

There isn’t a bed. There isn’t any beeping scary machines and there isn’t that horrible hospital vibe.

Instead, there is a pool, a birthing chair, balls and endless equipment to aid an active labour. Plus a couch for those birthing partners that would usually be gagging to get into that bed for a bit of shut eye.

Birth centre

It’s decorated with calming murals complete with dimmable lights and amble space for all those LED candles you’ve packed in your birth bag.

Sounds more like a spa space right? Yeah, you can see why I was sold!

Can I have pain relief?

It depends what you need.

A birthing pool and hyponpbirthing techniques will both help to ease some discomfort, but gas and air is on hand too (which was a god send)

But anything else will require a hospital birth. But hey, it’s only a short trip away if you decide in that moment you need something more.

Would I do it again?

In a heartbeat.

If you’ve read my story, you’ll know I didn’t get to actually ‘birth’ here, but I did labour here. With Jo. And it was amazing.

Yes I ended up in an ambulance on the way to hospital but I had the most beautiful experience. I know it’s all down to the Highfield team, and midwife Mary, who delivered Ace.

If you live on the Wirral and have any inclination towards a home or birth centre delivery, speak to them. You never know, it might be exactly what what you’re looking for.

Highfield team

They are absolute superhero’s, not all superhero’s wear capes.

Sian x

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