A Positive Birth Story- Use your B.R.A.I.N and Mother and Baby Magazine

A few months ago a message dropped into my Instagram inbox and before I knew it, I was having a chat with someone I’d never met before about how I pushed my baby out.

Never a normal week is there?! 😂

Anyway, journalist Rachel was SO lovely and easy to talk to, that I didn’t care that she heard all the nitty gritty. As a fellow mum and writer of birth stories I’m sure she’d heard it all before!

What did they want to know?

Every month Mother and Baby Magazine publish real birth stories, each with a different theme. My story is focused around using Hypnobirthing techniques to keep calm and achieve a positive birth- whether it’s the ‘perfect’ birth you’d planned for or not.

Which you might already know about if you’ve read my birth story here.

Rachel was intrigued by the B.R.A.I.N acronym that I heard about through The Positive Birth Company digital pack. (More about that here)

It’s a Hypnobirthing technique I used consistently through pregnancy, labour and even throughout my breastfeeding issues and Aces hip dysplasia treatment.

In my opinion, it’s a bit of a skill for life.

But what does it stand for?

B- what are the BENEFITS

R- what are the RISKS

A- is there an ALTERNATIVE

I- what does my INSTINCT say

N- what happens if we do NOTHING

So, for example, in choosing where to give birth, when I was between our local birth centre or hospital.

Benefits– homely environment, own midwife, no overnight hospital stay, team believe in focusing on Hypnobirthing, birthing pool and active birth equipment offered

Risks– no pain relief offered (aside from gas and air) if I needed it, no paediatric team on hand if a problem arises, no bed to birth on if required. May need ambulance transfer if birth doesn’t go to ‘plan’

Alternative– birth in the maternity hospital or at home

Instinct– birth centre. I can always transfer to hospital if necessary. (Which I did)

Nothing– well if I did nothing in this situation I’d either be birthing at home or a surprise arrival at our local hospital 😂

But you get the jist?!

What magazines this all in again?!

So you can read allll about my positive birth story, BRAIN and the handy positive affirmations cards I used throughout my pregnancy and labour by picking up this months Mother and Baby Magazine now.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Sian x

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