Faking our Stained Glass with Purlfrost

When we first viewed the house a big selling point (for me anyway!) was the stained glass panels in the porch, visible from the hallway.

The only stained glass we have, in the porch

I hadn’t really noticed any of the neighbouring houses with them on the exterior, and thanks to double glazing, this house certainly didn’t have any.

Fast forward 6 months and moving in week. I went to wash the ‘frosted’ windows directly opposite our staircase, to find them to be covered in a window film/vinyl.


And then the penny dropped.

I could create our own kind of ‘stained glass’.

The magic of Purlfrost

After a stroll up and down the street, I found that actually some of the houses had their original stained glass in the front windows, which matched the one I have in the porch. So it really wouldn’t look too out of place if we faked it.

In comes Purlfrost and their fantastic range of window film. They have a great range of period designs and I had a good scroll through the Art Deco ones before opting for JADE. Although the design didn’t match our current glass, the colours did and both designs featured a similar curvature.

We measured the window (wrongly at first!!) and ordered three pieces, one of which had our door number on it. They arrived within 5 days and we were eager to get started!!

Step One- wash the windows

Make up a ‘slip solution’ in a spray bottle-5 drops of washing up liquid to 1/2 litre of water.

Spray liberally and use a cloth or window scraper for tough marks.

Step One

Step Two- wet the film

Spray the window with the solution. Whilst peeling the paper back on the film, spray the piece liberally to avoid it rolling back. Use a flat surface for this, and another pair of hands if helpful!

Step Three- Apply

Side the piece onto the window, fitting into one corner first and adjusting until it’s in perfectly.

Step Three and Four

Step Four- finish

Use the squeegee to remove water. Start in the centre and work upwards/downwards and outwards. Repeat until there is no water or air bubbles left beneath the piece.

Voila! Super easy, super cheap and super effective!

After- The finished result!

We’ve had so many compliments on our glass, I’m delighted that it was one of the first things we changed in the house!

Have you considered using Purlfrost?

Sian x