Mums Make up Masterclass- My Five Minute Make-up Routine

From as early as I can remember, I’ve expressed myself through make up. Whether it was grabbing for my mums blusher brush, aged 5, whilst she got herself ready for another nursing nightshift, plastering on thick foundation and orange bronzer in my teenage years or whipping on a red lip once I’ve parked the car, ready to face the day.

If you look good, you feel good

And this next chapter in my journey is no different. I’ve used make up as a way to help myself feel less tired, less stressed and to basically give myself a big kick up the ass. There’s nothing you can’t do when your rocking a red lip and concealer, I promise you that.

There’s even a wonderful charity called Look Good, Feel Better, who enable make up artists like myself to teach cancer patients how to apply make up in a way to help them feel like ‘you’ again. And I believe the same ethos can be applied to new (and not so new) Mums.

A masterclass made for us mums

So thanks to all your messages, words of encouragement and pushy nudges, this week I’ve announced an upcoming masterclass. A Mums Make up Masterclass, where I’ll demonstrate my 5 minute make up routine and guide you through the muddy world of skin care and beauty regimes when TTC, through pregnancy and that tricky forth trimester.

This isn’t your typical make up masterclass. I won’t be showcasing trends or unwearable Instagram looks. This is about you, and making the most of YOU. Not changing you into an unrecognisable being- just YOU when you’ve had more sleep and feel more put together . I’ll be using minimum products, tools and time, and you certainly don’t need a great deal of artistic skill to achieve a great finish.

What will I leave with?

You’ll leave armed with the knowhow of how to look after your skin when time is tight, and how to transform yourself to someone whose had 8 hours kip when it’s more likely to be two. In the mere time it takes for the babe to watch an episode of Peppa.

They are skills you might use daily, monthly or yearly. But they’ll always be there when you need them most. And if you forget anything, you’ll have your provided lesson notes tucked into your goody bag for when you need a quick recap. There’s a few other treats in there too 😉

Where and when is the masterclass held?

Held in our Liverpool city centre salon, So Coco Rouge, you’ll be a welcomed into my ‘home’ with a glass of fizz and something sweet to a room filled with like minded individuals. Somewhere you can openly chat, share experiences and feel like YOU again. I’d even like to think a few mum mates might be made on the night too.

It’s all taking place 8 days after Mother’s Day, 30TH March 2020, kicking off at 6.30pm. And I’d like to think that it could be the first of many 🤞🏻

Most importantly– how do I book?

It’s easy peasy! Just head to and drop me a message asking to attend. I’ll send you an online invoice to make payment and in return you’ll receive your ticket.

Tickets are £20 per person, and can be bought on behalf of a loved one. It makes a great Mother’s Day gift in my opinion (hint hint)

I really hope to see some of you there, it’s something I’m super passionate about and I’m so excited to share this with you!

Sian x

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