baby boy playing with pipecleaners in a collindar

At Home Play with a Toddler- Five Play Ideas for Lockdown 2

Another week complete. Two weeks of lockdown for us all in the UK amidst the COVID-19 crisis. How are we all finding it? I’m still trying to seek the positives and enjoying spending quality time with Ace for a change.

It seems funny to only leave the house for our weekly shop however- it’s almost become the most exciting thing to plan for- the unknown of what will actually be in stock and meal planning around the shelves remains.

Anyway, I’ve got another 5 play ideas which really kept Ace entertained for you today. Just like my last post , they were all super cheap to do, using things I already had at home and quick to set up. There will be things you will have undoubtedly thought of or tried already, but I’ve included then because I know that sometimes I just need a gentle reminder!


Baby boy baking

An oldie, but a goodie! We’ve never had the time (to clean up after) to bake with Ace, but a simple packet mix whisked together with the eggs, oil and water, was easy enough to let him have a go and still have a delicious snack at the end. We purposely made mini cupcakes to avoid the tantrums of him trying to consume multiple big ones in one go. For toddlers it’s all about quantity isn’t it!!

Save the animals

Jigsaw pieces taped down

I found this gem from alyssaandme18 on Instagram, and since found lots of variations on the hashtag #shallweplaytoday. It’s as simple as they can be.

Tape down some toy animals/ jigsaw pieces / train tracks with masking tape and let them explore and discover how to ‘save’ their toy.

Absolute genius. Keeps them busy for the time it takes to boil the kettle AND make a coffee 👍🏼

Treasure basket

Something else I’ve spied numerous times on Instagram accounts. Treasure baskets have been popular for a few years now, but generally with wooden objects rather than plastic

“Treasure baskets provide objects of various sensory qualities for babies to investigate. In the process of enjoying the activity, babies learn about their world.” Community Play Things

Baby boy Playing with kitchen utensils

But for ease- mine was as plastic as they come. All household items bundled together in a gardening tub! Ace loved exploring the sieve and tongs in particular and they quickly found themselves being used in a host of other games.

Pom Poms and pipe cleaners

The only things I did have to throw in the trolly on my essentials ASDA shop. Pom Pom and pipe cleaners are readily available in stationary aisles and cost only a few pounds.

Baby boy playing with Pom Poms

The games you can play with them are endless. We’ve used kitchen tongs to pick up and place them, created shoots for them using toilet roll tubes and created a fun game than fine tunes those motor skills with a colander. Best two quid I’ve spent all year.

Baby boy colander and pipe cleaners

Tunnels and garages

To please our vehicle mad son, we’ve had to start thinking outside the box- to inside the recycling bin.

A piece of card has become a tunnel and my cider can box, a garage. Such a cheap and simple idea was thrilling to him, and kept him interested for a good little while.

Toy car with cardboard tunnel and garage

I hope you enjoy these couple of ideas- -I’d love to hear what you’ve been doing with your little ones during at this!

Speak soon and stay safe

Sian x

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