At Home Play with a Toddler- Five Play Ideas for Lockdown 3

Week three and our first (or hopefully only?!) lockdown bank holiday complete. It’s been a different sort of Easter, but a lovely one all the same. A family roast in our newly decorated (thanks to the time off!) dining room and lots and lots of chocolate! How was yours?

I’ve got this weeks top 5 play ideas that have kept our tantruming toddler entertained for you again. I hope you are finding them helpful for when times get tough. I don’t know what I’d do without the insta-mum community- they are definitely keeping me sane with all the ideas circulating about!

Water Play

With the glorious sunshine we’ve been having, we’ve spent lots of time in the garden, which is the perfect space for a bit of water play! We don’t have a paddling pool (and have no hope of getting one soon!) but a plastic box did the job well enough!

Baby water play outside

Filled with scoops, sieves, buckets and cups, Ace thoroughly enjoyed splashing around and moving the water around with his utensils. He came back to it time and time again throughout the day.

Invitation to Play

I watched a brilliant IGTV in the early hours about setting up an invitation to play or sensory bin- but can I for the life of me find it to tag the fabulous human who created it? Can I hell.

Invitation to play set up in green tub

But it broke down the set up in really easy to follow steps. So I’ll do my best to do it justice-

  • Take a tub (we used a plastic garden tub) and fill with your ‘filler’. Such as dyed rice, chick peas or in my case, shredded paper.
  • Add in some household items, such as tongs, sieve, scoops
  • Add extras such as pom Pom’s, scrunched you paper, foil or bubble wrap
  • Finish with something that they engage with, in Aces case, a vehicle!!

Then you just leave them to explore in their own time, but under your supervision. And let this mess begin!!!

Mess after invitation to play


Now I’m obviously not expecting an 18 month old to start saying Namaste and doing downward dog. But the magic of Cosmic Kids Yoga, is that Ace becomes engrossed in the story, and interested in the movements I’m doing by following what’s on screen. It also means I get to stretch and enjoy gentle exercise whilst showing him how much fun activities like these can be.

It beats being bored senseless by Peppa Pig on repeat any day!

Ball Run

If there is ever a time to save your toilet roll tubes it’s now! They were hard enough to get hold of remember, so we might as well use them to their full advantage!

Ball run outside on a tuff tray

I’ve spied others creating this on a wall, but I set ours up on the tuff tray to take outside. Simply tape your rolls and get cracking! We used Pom Poms to make sure they could make it through the whole run!

Egg Box Push

Last but definitely not least, is Ace’s favourite activity. This has bought me time for a coffee, to watch the live lessons we’ve created over at So Coco Rouge and has nipped a tantrum in the bud.

Simple take an empty egg box, and cut a circular hole in the base. Pop some small Pom poms on the top and let them push and pull them through.

Pom Pom egg box game

You can even make it a colour matching game or just talk about colours and textures whist they play. And yes, I’m fully aware of how much like boobs they look 😂😂😂

I’m going to pop all of these, plus those from week one and two into my Instagram highlights if anyone needs some quick ideas when things get tough. There’s no denying that lockdown with little ones is tough, but hopefully the ideas I’ve tried from the amazing parents who’ve created them, will give you a moments peace.

Stay safe,

Sian x

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