little boy playing with bags of coloured water attached to a door

At Home Play with a Toddler- Five Ideas for Lockdown 4

The days are long but the weeks are flying by. I can’t believe it’s a month into our official UK lockdown. I feels like forever on one hand and mere moments in the other.

But one thing is certain, it’s getting harder and harder to create play away from a screen. Don’t get be wrong, I’m not against screen time at all- it certainly has its needs and it can give us that time to work/ clean / eat / stay sane, but we’ve really had to try and cull it at home. Ace’s sleep is massively affected if he’s watched too much and the tantrums when we turn it off can be, well, overwhelming for us as well as him.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it time and time again- thank god for instagram communities. They have inspired me in so many ways and all of the ways to play ideas I’ve blogged have originated here.

And today they are all ideas you can create with bits you might have hanging around. So hopefully as cost free and accessible as possible.

Pom Pom Colour Matching

I know, I’m pom pom obsessed. I completely underestimated these little gems, and how much they can be utilised in all different types of play.

This week I got a bit creative and created this colour matching game with a box, 4 plastic bottles and some oddments of coloured card.

Boy playing with  colour matching game

It was an instant hit and has been brought out time and time again!

Chalk Shapes

It’s been another sunny and beautiful week, with lots of time outside. So it was time to bring out the chalks!!

We’ve been shouting out the names of shapes, and having a walk around inspecting them, but you can of course create matching games too!

Child playing with chalk shapes

Character Play

This started off as an imaginative play idea, I’d pictured Ace creating his own little ‘scene’ here- but then remembered he’s still a baby!!

Instead, he’s used it to push the lolly stick characters into their holes and named them as he’s doing so.

I cut up his Easter Egg box for the characters, sticking onto old lolly sticks and used the box his Peppa Pig Piano came in for the set.

Child playing with  a Peppa Pig game

I’m definitely turning into that mum who has a craft box 🙈

Colour and texture bags

I’ve spied these activity countless times on other blogs, and it’s such a quick and easy idea.

Child  playing with bags of coloured water

Simply fill some sandwich bags with water and add either food colouring, textures (such as leaves, pulses, etc) and tape the the window.

We’ve left ours up all week to keep Ace entertained in our shaded patio area.

Coloured Water Dip

Now this one came from an epic fail.

White roses with  red and blue water

I remember reading at some point that you can dye rose petals with food colouring. But that turns out you do this through the stem!!

I set up some petals from my old roses and two trays of water with food colouring. We used the tongs to place the petals in the water- it didn’t dye them, but he had fun moving them from dry to wet!

And that’s it for this week! I’ve found lots of new ideas to try this week, plus I’m finishing off the newly revamped dining and playroom, so hopefully I’ll have lots to show you soon!

In the meantime, I’d love to see how you are all playing! Please head to my Instagram and tag me in some pics!

Stay safe

Sian x

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