Quick and Simple Tuff Tray Play

The end of lockdown appears to the nearing and our new normal is just around the corner. 13 weeks of full time parenting, and I still have a child addicted to CBeebies 😂 (Numberblocks over Peppa anytime though…)

As the naps shorten and even periodically disappear, I’ve taken to setting up super quick and ridiculously simple play ideas to keep him occupied and his brain ticking. Usually involving his tuff tray, or our back garden patio if it’s dry.

All it takes is some recycling and a chalk pen.

Number Matching

1,2,3 are the most used words out house whilst Ace counts everything in sight. Simply jotting down numbers on his tuff tray with chalk pen and letting him match it up with either flash cards or homemade number cards. Absolute winner in our house and keeps him occupied for 5 minutes at least

Play tray and chalk

Shape Matching

And it’s the same with shapes! Follow the same idea as for numbers, but you can throw in some 3D shapes from a shape sorter too.

On the Highway

Black tray as a road map

I’ve been meaning to pick up some ‘road’ tape before now, but it turns out a chalk pen does the trick! I created simple load and unload activities and with this too, and it kept him engaged all day long!!

Colour Scoop

Black tray with primary coloured pom pom

I can’t get enough of pom poms right now and this task is another one which is perfect for them.

Organising four colours into four corners and set up a tool to scoop the pom poms out. A bit of colour matching can be thrown in too with rainbow pieces or coloured scoops!

I’ve saved all the previous play ideas that have saved my patience during lockdown onto highlights of my Instagram page, or you can find them here too.

I hope they’ve been helpful. I know sometimes I just need a nudge in the right direction to an activity which will suit my little one, so I hope these simple ideas have done that for you.

Continue to stay safe, and let’s look forward to seeing our loved ones soon,

Sian x

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