Top Tips for surviving Peppa Pig World, Paultons Park

After spending near 4 months of lockdown at home with a Peppa obsessed one year old, a moment of sheer instagram envy/ inspo (cheers @whiledollysleeps !) convinced us that the four hour drive down to Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park would be the BEST second birthday present a boy could ever wish for. But would it be everything we hoped for too, in this new Covid-19 normality?

I’m glad to say it lived up to all our expectations!

Here are my top tips for surviving Peppa Pig World, complete with a tantruming toddler, social distancing aplenty and selfies in a face mask.

Getting around Peppa Pig World

Peppa Pig world is situated within Paultons Park, Hampshire, and is located about 5-10 minute walk from the main entrance.

A pushchair is a must, especially if your little legs gets tired quickly. When we arrived around an hour after opening time, the car park and overflow parking were already pretty busy and the walk from the car to the Peppa Pig entrance would of tired him out already.

Whilst there isn’t one dedicated ‘Pram Park’ pushchairs appeared to be safely left around the gated areas of all rides and in my experience everyone was very respectful of others belongings.

Mum wearing a zebra print face mask, smiling, whilst holding a little boy who is turned away from the camera. They are in a queue for a ride at Peppa Pig World
In the socially distanced queue restraining an excited toddler!

It is worth noting that pushchairs are not allowed in the ride queues. This is something I hadn’t considered and did make our experience more stressful than was necessary, but if your child will stay still / not break the 2m distancing rules / not decide to scream, kick and cause an all mighty scene- then you’ll be fine!

How to avoid queue boredom at Peppa Pig World

We used the queue length to decide which ride to go on next and the longest we queued for was around 10 minutes. We referred to both the updated boards dotted around the park and the Paultons Park app at numerous times throughout our time here. The app is free and definitely worth downloading.

A mum with long red hair is holding a little boy, both backs are to the camera. They are queuing to ride a water ride with boats and many cartoon character figures
Watching Grampy Rabbits Sailing Club in action whilst we queue

There is plenty to keep your little ones from boredom whilst queueing- whether it be watching the rides in action, spotting their favourite characters or looking at the scenes covering the social distancing fences. BUT, do what you need to do to keep your bubble happy. For us this meant snacks and watching our favourite sow on YouTube (ironic I know). We’ve all got to do what we know works for our little ones at the end of the day.

Be prepared to not ride all the attractions. Out visit lasted about 5 hours and we still missed 3-4 rides. In future I would try and plan the ‘must see’ before hand and head straight there (if the determined toddler allowed!)

Where to eat at Peppa Pig World

If we were to visit again, I’d definitely pack a picnic. Although there is food options dotted around it wasn’t that clearly marked. Team that with social distanced queueing and we ended up waiting 20 minutes for cheese pasties thinking this particular spot would also serve chips. Sounds like minimal fuss but when the toddler wants chips it’s anything but!

The ice cream stand however is well signposted, the service was super quick and the iced delights inexpensive. Definitely a welcome treat to break up such a busy day.

Little boy with his back to the camera, wearing a grey jacket pointing at a pink painting of Peppa Pig holding an ice cream
I wonder what put the idea of ice cream in his mind?

Immediately adjacent to the Peppa Pig World Entrance you’ll find more food options and plenty more as you explore Paultons Park. I think it’d be worth escaping the crowds and returning to Peppa world after you’ve tucked into your lunch elsewhere in the park.

Where to ride out a tantrum at Peppa Pig World

So you probably won’t find this tip on any other Peppa Pig World review! But for me this would of been the best advice anyone could of given me.

Near Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club ride and the bathroom facilities, you’ll find a walkway that takes you round the the Peppa Pig Toy Shop. It’s a really quiet spot with benches and during our time here there was a tractor on display.

A cartoon figure display of a bull in a high vis jacket and an orange digger. They are fixing a hole in the road
You’ll pass the digger display to route to the quiet area

It’s actually the smoking area, but we didn’t see anyone smoking, instead just parents trying to get little ones to nap or offering 5 minutes of calm away from what can be an overwhelming environment.

We visited here 2-3 times throughout our full day visit and it really helped to have a moment of chill time before exploring a new area or ride.

When to visit Peppa Pig World, Paultons Park?

We visited Peppa Pig World on a Tuesday at the end of September. Avoiding both School holidays and weekends, but it was still pretty busy!

A childrens ride of helicopters in the style of a ferris wheel. there is a queue of people waiting to go on, who are all stood 1m plus from one another
A typical socially distanced queue at Peppa Pig World

We arrived at around 11am and left at 4pm. Peppa Pig World was busy during the whole duration of our visit, but the rest of Paulton’s Park was much quieter than I expected.


What else should I know about visiting Peppa Pig World

A cartoon figure of a Queens Guard with a monorail ride behind
Just one of the many characters dotted around Peppa Pig World
  • Bring a change of clothes and a towel! The weather was too changeable for us to visit the Muddy Puddles area, but I saw plenty of children enjoying the water play and getting absolutely soaked!
  • Read the map. We missed quite a few areas without realising it, such as Madame Gazelles School. Areas are signposted but with so much to see and do it’s easy to overlook these.
  • There is a separate baby change area in Peppa Pig World. Opposite the ladies and gents toilets you’ll find a baby change building with a feeding room, numerous changing stations and a toilet. There is plenty of toilets around Paultons Park which also all have baby change facilities.
  • Check what is open before you arrive. The Paultons Park website and app has lots of up to date information on what rides are being serviced at the time of your visit and what areas may be closed during to the Coronavirus pandemic. At the time of writing (October 2020) the indoor play areas were all closed.
  • If you have time, visit the rest of Paultons Park. We enjoyed a stroll around the gardens at the end of our day which was particularly tranquil after such a busy day.

How Covid-19 safe is Peppa Pig World?

We visited Peppa Pig World in late September 2020 and the information below is correct for this time but may have changed since.

  • Tickets are limited (although it was still very busy in my opinion) and must be booked online here prior to your visit.
  • There was plenty of hand sanitising stations located around the park and staff on hand to monitor social distancing and ensure all rules are adhered to.
  • Masks are expected to be worn in all queues, on some rides and in all indoor shops or facilities.
  • Social distancing measures are in place with regards to queueing. I’m very doubtful that we stayed 2m from other visitors at all times, but with mask wearing in place also, it was definitely in the 1m plus as recommended by the UK Government.
  • We noted rides being thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, around every 20-30 minutes.
Pinterest Pin of a childrens boat ride
Save this pin for the future!

I would love to know if you have visited Peppa Pig World. What are your top tips?

If you are planning a visit there soon, remember to save these pins and come back to my top tips at a later date! There is also a little Reels video of our time at Peppa Pig World on my Instagram page which you can watch here.


Sian x

Pinterest Pin of cartoon character figures and a digger
Pin this image for the future!








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