I’ve said YES TO THE DRESS! 

It’s happened. It’s purchased. It’s mine!

I’ve finally finally found THE DRESS- and what a beauty of a dress it is!

Obviously I can’t really tell you anything at all, but I will tell you it’s different to what I imagined, but in the best possible way.

And when people say ‘you’ll just know’ and ‘the dress will feel different to all other dresses’ For me, IT DID. I definitely knew it was the one as soon as I stepped into it, which I was worried I wouldn’t do.

I visited quite a lot of bridal boutiques along the way, and had a real mixed bag of experiences. But the experience I had at Boutique Brides in Crosby, Merseyside was top notch, first class. Friendly, knowledgable and Honest, without being sales pushy or too ‘Say Yes to The Dress‘ OTT. I truly felt at home here, and knew the girls were speaking the truth when I asked for their honest opinion on certain dress elements or accessories. 

So a note to all you brides-to-be, wait for that feeling and that boutique. It’s the dress of your dreams after all…. And shouldn’t be a nightmare experience.

Our Budapest adventure and a week without the ‘W’ word

They really are all consuming. They take over your newsfeed, Pinterest habit and often daily conversations. Not only do they take up much of your purse strings, they too often take up much of your out-of-work mind space too.

Ah yes, weddings.

I’d heard lots of couples talk about taking a few days away before the wedding itself (a pre-moon if you like) to really relax, unwind and appreciate the massive step you are about to take. With many couples banning any talk of the upcoming day itself, (marriage, however, you can talk about) the W word is off the cards.

And I can totally see why. When you both work full time, with one day a week dedicated to spending time together, a weekend of just you-time can be very much desired.


Budapest Palace

Which is why we decided to leave all ‘W‘ talk at home when we jetted of to Budapest last week. We explored cobbled streets, wandered down the river Danube, drank lots of craft beer and ate scrummy Langos– and pretended we didn’t have a wedding book at home pining for us. And it was blissful. Truly truly blissful. No big decisions to make, no calculating spreadsheet and no constant reading of Love My Dress in the hope of yet another amazing idea.


Beer time!


Langos menu


Traditonal langos

If you haven’t explored Hungary yet, then I’d highly recommend you do. I adore the place, and their Parlimentary buildings are definitely in my top 3 architectural loves. There is something new to see and explore around every corner.


Budapest Parliment

We stayed at the Casati Hotel, which was a stones throw from the main shopping and drinking district. PERFECT!

This hotel is modern, quirky and really rather fabulous. Prosecco at breakfast? No problem. A car to the airport? Our pleasure. Tickets to a candle lit boat cruise? Let us organise that for you. Nothing was too much trouble. Plus the cracking cocktail bar next door wasn’t to be sniffed at!


Tuk Tuk Cocktails

Saving, planning and organising for a wedding is stressful enough without rewarding yourself with some downtime. If you want my advice? Budget a mini break or 2 into your wedding costs.

I honestly don’t think you’ll regret it.

Bridal wear at White closet studios, Liverpool

The grand old age of 29 isn’t too bad so far. In fact, my first day of my 29th year very pretty special.

I spent the day trying wedding dresses on!

The beautiful White Closet has been on my ‘Must Visit’ list since that diamond was placed on my finger. Especially as their newest studio is located a mere ten minute walk from the salon, on the prestigious Rodney Street.


So when the ever fabulous Papertwin came calling, and asked me to be involved in another #MostLoved feature, this time as a bride-to-be, I literally hopped, skipped and jumped at the chance!

With gowns from Jenny Packham, Charlie Brear and Halfpenny, plus to-die-for accessories from Emmy, it’s every girls paradise. I was in Ivory, beaded heaven.



The service at The White Closet was superb. Lucy is the kindest, friendliest and more knowledgeable bridal stylist I have ever met, and made the experience truly memorable. In fact, it was exactly how you imagine it should be, which now, unfortunately  can be a rare find. 

Lucy and The White Closet really are absolute sparkling gems.
A huge thanks to Papertwin and The White Closet for a wonderful, prosecco filled day to start my last year of my 20’s!


From the heart- Love My Dress feature

Yesterday was a pretty emotional day. Our very first MUA Pro students at The Rouge School flew the nest, I waved off Robyn for her week of much needed time off and my heart-felt writing was published on one of my all time favourite blogs.

Love My Dress


Love My Dress

Love My Dress is a well known wedding site, featuring beautiful inspirational images and stunning real weddings, to whet the appetite of any bride-to-be. But, this year they have also featured heart felt musings of their readers, every Sunday, in their ‘From The Heart‘ segment.

And this little corner of the World Wide Web is where my words found themselves yesterday in a surprise addition to my weekend. After submitting my piece a few weeks ago, after fiercely typing away over my brew, I totally forgot about the prospect of it actually being published. That was until a lovely email from editor Annabel pinged into my email inbox first thing Sunday morning, waking me up with great excitement.


Love My Dress

My article was dedicated to my dear dad, and father-in-law to be,  and how planning a wedding brings so many raw emotions to the surface. Personally, I find writing a great way to explore my emotions and ‘let go’ of any pent up sorrow, and I hope those in a similar situation found some comfort in my words.

You can read the post in its entirety by visiting Love My Dress.

Sending lots of love to you all xxx

Most Loved, by Papertwin

We are lucky to have such lovely lovely friends! And lots of friends who also work in the busy world of weddings. 

One of these said friends is Dan and co from Papertwin. Papertwin are one of the very best wedding videographers in the North West, if not the UK, and are definitely a company to watch out for.


So after a breif catch up with the guys a few weeks back, they asked Robyn and I to be part of their Most Loved project, featuring all of their recommended suppliers, one of which being So Coco Rouge

Obviously, we jumped at the chance!


The feature, which can now be found on good old Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, features our lovely little salon and a short interview with Robyn and I. 

We can be found talking about our love for the job we do and our own wedding planning experiences. 

You can see the end product here!

If you have any questions regarding the bridal services we offer at So Coco Rouge, please email us by clicking here

The hunt is on

Venue hunting. It’s turns out is a lot harder than you think. Well it is when you are determined to only be satisfied with butterflies.


my motto for life!

We’ve looked out for venues that blow us away pretty much since we got engaged, but nothing’s really ‘hit the spot’ or ticked all the boxes- is it really that hard in such a wedding obsessed country?! 

It feels like we have scoured the lengths and breadths of Cheshire, Mersesyide and Shropshire looking for the ‘one’ for us, but so far to no avail. 


Palm House

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve stepped inside some of the most beautiful of homes, admired some stunning hotels and explored unknown parkland, but they’ve yet to leave me with those butterflies, excited nausea or stamp your feet in joy smiles. And when, in some cases, your spending not far off your years salary, it’s got to be absolutely right, right?! 


Delamere Manor

But then, there is one. One which has had my heart since I first stepped foot in there to pamper my first ‘model‘ bride. 

One which still nearly a decade on, stillhas my stomach in knots as I drive down the driveway, gives me goosebumps everything I step inside and reduces me to actual tears when watching my beautiful brides enjoy their own day there.

But will my husband to be  love it as much as me??! That is the final question.

Watch this space…..

Scousing it up with Lorraine 

It’s not every week you put on a clean pair of pjs, throw your hair in Sleep in Rollers and pop round to your friends house for a brew with a camera crew.

But then in sure it’s not in ITV Lorraine’s Giovanna Fletcher’s normal life to arrive in Liverpool for a scouse makeover at the hands of So Coco Rouge


The Rougettes behind the scene

Yet a few weeks ago, that’s just what occured! And tomorrow morning, bright and early, you’ll be able to see just what we were up to with Tom Mcflys other half!

Now, those of you who know us, will understand we are probably the LEAST stereotypical scouse salon in the area. We hate bold brows, prefer paler skin tones and would never leave our homes with rollers in. But, like every preened Liverpudlian, we like to pamper ourselves and make sure we look our very best at all times. From picking up some milk, grabbing some lunch or indulging in a night of cocktails, we like o make sure we look and feel on top form.

Busy filming!

So, we treated G to an afternoon of pampering, with a speciality Kelly Blow Dry (our clients know exactly these change your life…. Serious root boast and gorgeous bounce) and a flawless make over from our fabulous Robyn. Plus some girlie gossips and classic one liners from me.


The finished look!

You’ll have to tune in to ITV tomorrow from 8.25-9.25am to see exactly what G made of our efforts!