We are all used to renting. Whether it be renting a flat, renting a car on our Summer holidays or even renting that out of financial reach, designer dress from the fabulous Girl Meets Dress. But what about renting nail varnish? Is our failing economy seriously now suggesting we cannot afford to buy a measly … Continue reading Coloristiq

OPI Anniversary Show

It's time for a very special and important birthday, as this week it's 18 years since nail brand OPI first graced our screens on shopping channel, QVC. But rather than cake, 18 burning candles and a hell of a lot of cards, OPI are offering us a present instead. And what a present it is! I was lucky enough to be given one of these beauties at my last QVC show on June 21st, and I have been sworn to secrecy of the little gems inside. That is, until now. You see, it's not just OPI celebrating a special anniversary, Ford are also celebrating the 50th anniversary of their classic Mustang. Ford will always hold a special place in my heart, my first ever car, aged 17, was a clapped out old fiesta (called Felicity, because of course a car needs a name) which didn't like to drive in our cold British winters, and my dad always drove a Ford, so I guess it's in the genes! This collaboration was launched at the &&&&&&& earlier this year, and the manicurists on hand admitted as many men were intrigued by the limited edition shades as the women! Maybe this will see a new trend in 'MAN-icures'?! Four of these six shades from the Mustang collection feature in the beautifully presented anniversary box . Let's start with the stunning multi tonal teal blue, shot through with gold shimmer 'The Sky's My Limit'. If you like gold statement nails, you'll love '50 Years of Style', which looks like liquid gold in the bottle. For you colour lovers, we have hot pepper red 'Race Red' and sophisticated hot pink 'Girls Love Ponies'. Seems like a steal already at under £30, but this is OPI, and no collection is complete without their award winning, best selling treatments. Start with Original Nail Envy for a protective base and top coat, which also offers nail strengthening benefits, whilst finishing your manicure with a slathering of Avoplex Nail and Cuticle Oil, once your nails are dry. Looking for a more muted nail to wear in the working week? Try the latest addition to the Nail Envy range, the EXCLUSIVE TO QVC UK creamy Nude Nail Envy. For best results, apply two coats then follow with a coat of the original every other day. On day 7, take your Non Acetone Polish Remover (also included!) and remove all traces, with undoing all the good your treatment achieved! You can grab one for these gorgeous gifts on the 18th and 19th July, when Lisa and Julie will be full on birthday mode! And I'd be quick- these won't be hanging round for long! Happy birthday OPI!