A little update

Lets go right back to about 2 years ago. In fact, exactly 2 years ago today.
It’s a rainy September day and I’m huddling up with an on set bag practically the same size as me, on a pew at the back of an old church. To my left is fellow make-up artist and long term friend, Robyn, chewing my ear off about how we should open a make-up studio in our hometown, were ladies could have their hair styled and make-up applied by true industry professionals. We had been doing make-up professionally for 7 years by this point.

A few months of in depth research and sheer hard work later, So Coco Rouge was born. Our lovely little studio tucked away on one of Liverpool’s most famous art filled streets opened its doors to hundreds of brides, ladies that lunch and girls looking to feel like a celebrity for the weekend.

Within a matter of days we discovered we’d need a hard working team to work alongside us, not just in the studio, but on our professional jobs too. And the pro team was born.

The newly re-named SCR Pro, which is due to under-go a brand revamp this year, started off as a small team and grown into a creative agency, one of very few in the North. SCR Pro provides the likes of production companies with make-up artists, session stylists, manicurists and fashion stylists, for any sized project. In its short life, SCR Pro has provided creative talent for Hollywood actor Alan Cumming, Sky Sports and a number of fashion houses.

In early 2012, we decided So Coco Rouge needed a much bigger premises, where we could expand the team to offer hairdressing and beauty too. After viewing 40 commercial properties in a 2 mile radius and a one postcode restriction, we finally found it. Our perfect little shop, with a Parisian chic feel that suits the brand so well. On July 26th, we opened the doors to the So Coco Rouge Make-up, Hair and Beauty Parlour.

So, you’d think that would be enough to keep us busy. Apparently not.

Robyn, is a talented beauty writer and regularly answers reader questions in a Bridal beauty column in a national wedding magazine.
Whilst I on the other hand have taken the leap into the media, working as an on air cosmetic expert.

You can follow my giant leap here…..here’s hoping I land on my feet!

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