The lowdown on Placenta Encapsulation

Like most of us, I presumed eating your placenta was a delicacy reserved for celebrity yummy mummies or earth mothers. I knew little of the benefits, and imagined a pound of flesh whizzing around in my blender to make a smoothie minutes after delivery.

Then a friend posted a Facebook review of placenta encapsulation and her feedback peaked my interest.

I’d spied Placenta Plus on Instagram many a time, and was aware it was a company based close to my own work, but I didn’t realise how lucky we were having them on our door step.

Flesh with benefits

Once I started looking into the benefits of placenta encapsulation, I was surprised to see how few companies offered it and how many areas didn’t have a service to call upon at all.

Luck was well and truly on our side.

Within weeks of falling pregnant and deciding I wanted the ultimate hypnobirthing experience (at the time I envisaged a home birth in a pool admiring our sea view…..) I was sure I wanted to reap the benefits of eating my placenta too.

Raising these ideas however didn’t go down to well at all.

Think coffee splutters, eye rolling and stunned silences. In fact, Tom actually thought I was winding him up when I announced my plans. But after much research he came round… and we decided to keep my plan on the down-low until after baby arrived to save the rigmarole of explaining our decision.

(Although I’d loved to have seen our neighbours face when she took in my parcel labelled ‘contains human tissue’ 😂😂)

Finding a gem

Danielle at Placenta Plus was amazing from day one. Booking was simple, an online form and bank transfer later and we were booked!

We opted for the raw method which promotes an increase in energy as the main benefit. However, as I’d opted to have a strep B screening I could revert to the other option of traditional Chinese method at a later date should this be found.

How it all works

A few weeks before due date I received my cool bag, freezer blocks and heaps of information through the post, all of which we were to take with us on labour day.

I’d added some information regards my placenta plans onto my birth preferences, and I found some of care team were clued up on placenta encapsulation and others not so much- so it was a good job I did!

It’s important to request delayed cord clamping where possible when encapsulating your placenta, plus this gives lots of extra health benefits for baby too! We didn’t know if this would be possible during labour for me, and I was delighted when we were able to let the cord stop pulsating completely before cutting.

Once delivered, my placenta was examined by the midwife wearing fresh gloves and placed into a sterile bag, and finally, into the cool bag I’d provided. The freezer blocks are placed above and below the placenta.

We’d already texted Placenta Plus when I was in established labour and once I’d delivered, and a short while later a courier arrived to collect it!

Baby placenta pills

The following morning I received a text to tell me my pills were ready! I couldn’t believe how speedy they were! My package was due to be delivered the following day, and I woke up to the postman on my first morning back at home.

Each placenta produces a different number of pills and I received 146- I have no idea if that’s lots or few, but I was delighted either way! I took 3 pills a day for the first 4 weeks, before moving to 2 pills a day and then 1, so those 146 pills lasted around 7 weeks.

How did I feel?

In a word-AMAZING. I escaped the day three baby blues, miraculously survived on 3/4 hours sleep (I’m an 8/9 girl and no less will do!) and felt on top of the world most days. In fact, the few times I forgot to the take them, it was blatantly obvious. So I have no doubt they most certainly work!

Would I do it again? Damn right. It’s a joke in our house that I’d buy someone’s placenta just to have it encapsulated and reap the rewards… and hand in heart, if that was legal I would!

Yes it’s a little pricey, but for me it’s been worth every single penny.

Sian x

I had my placenta encapsulated with Placenta Plus who are based in Liverpool. The service cost £200 plus a £30 courier charge to my local Hospital on the Wirral.

2 thoughts on “The lowdown on Placenta Encapsulation

  1. motlied says:

    Love this! I practiced hypnobirthing too and had my placenta encapsulated and same as you, no baby blues plus lots of milk and so far no ongoing down days when it’s all a bit much. I’ll definitely be doing it again 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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