Our Hip Dysplasia Journey- Maxi Cosi Happy Hips Car Seat Service

Three weeks down and who knows how many to go.

It’s been a funny old week. Ace seems to be improving day by day and we don’t dread the time the harness goes back on after his bath as much any more. He still whimpers as soon as the first boot goes on and we need a bottle ready to soothe him, but it’s not full on screams and tears, so that’s something.

Anyway, the ‘biggest’ thing that’s happened this week was when Channel Mum shared Aces image and links to my previous blogs. The amount of lovely new readers who headed here that night was quite overwhelming and the number of parents who opened up about their triumphs and challenges via comments and DMs was incredible. Every one admitting it was the online support that got them through. Which got me thinking how sad it is that there isn’t actual ‘support’ groups or DDH coffee mornings out there. But it seemed to really open up the conversation of hip dysplasia, which is truly wonderful.

As I’ve said before, DDH isn’t a life threatening condition but dealing with the challenges a harness, brace or cast can bring can be difficult. Paired with the questioning looks and off the cuff remarks it can make new parenthood trickier than it needs to be. Having someone to bounce ideas and wipe the tears with is worth its weight in gold.

Car seat update

Those of you who read last weeks ‘Hip‘ post will know I’d been talking to Maxi Cosi regards a car seat for Ace. I hadn’t heard of their Happy Hips service, and surprisingly either had our consultant. But luckily one friendly mum shared her finds with me on Instagram, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Not all DDH babies require an adapted car seat, but Ace was particularly tight in his Joie 360 Spin. Having discussed his reaction at being in the car seat with another mum, we think it was the shoulder straps pulling that was causing him such upset.

Maxi Cosi Hip dysplasia car seat

Maxi Cosi Opal HD

I’m very pleased to say Maxi Cosi and Dorel arranged everything within a few days and his Opal HD car seat has now arrived! No more screaming car journeys, no more fear that he isn’t safe and secure whilst we get out and about. Plus it gives his legs so much more to stay in the correct position.

How it works

The application forms were really simple and they only needed copies of Aces hospital letters as proof of need. The final step, once they have confirmed your car is suitable for the seat itself, is leaving the £120 deposit. The monthly hire fee of £10 is deducted from your deposit and the remainder refunded when the car is returned.

Our seat arrived by DHL within 5 days of the order being placed. Their is a full instruction manual included but the linked YouTube video is most helpful, and made installation quick and relatively easy.

Setting up the seat

Like traditional car seats the Opal HD can be placed front or rear facing depending on babies weight. Although Ace is a big day, he’ll still be on rear facing for a while longer yet.

Image – Maxi Cosi UK

Strapping the seat in does differ to a traditional car seat and there is no option to use an Isofix. You begin by ‘plugging’ the seat belt in first before slotting the lap belt into the lower holders before feeding the chest belt through the top part. This means you do have to lean across a belt when placing the child in, and it would be impossible to secure the belt with the child already in place. But it’s a small price to pay.

Final verdict

So far we are loving it. It’s meant we can get back on the road and hopefully a birthday getaway is back on the cards. I’m sure my waistline won’t thank me though now I won’t be walking miles each day!

Maxi Cosi Opal HD

Someone’s happier in their new seat!

If your little one is struggling in the car I would definitely drop Maxi Cosi a line and discussing your options with them.

Sian x

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