Family Friendly Lunch at Leaf West Kirby

Finding a family (read- toddler) friendly lunch spot these days is proving tricky. If it doesn’t have a soft space for him to run around or WiFi to hook him up with Peppa (let’s not judge now guys.. we’ve ALL been there) then we might as well stay home and save my sanity.

But when I heard Liverpool’s favourite ‘tea-bar’ brand, Leaf where opening up on the Wirral, I was counting down the days to my first brew over there. And with each of my days off spent with Ace, it was inevitable he’d be in tow.

Thankfully, they had me and my sanity sorted!!!

Where is it?

Expanding on their three branches in Manchester and Liverpool, Leaf have taken over an infamous space in Wirral’s north westerly seaside town, West Kirby. In my adult years alone I can think of 4 ownerships it’s been under, most recently that of TV chef Simon Rimmer. So hopefully Leaf can sprinkle the magic this unit so rightly deserves.

A social space, perfect for families and new mums

On arrival at Leaf you simply take your seat and order at the bar. It’s very much a social space, so we grabbed some seats on a 20 seater bench and nabbed a high chair for Ace from the plentiful supply opposite the bar.

Seating area in leaf west Kirby

With ample parking, and a new wheelchair and pram friendly entrance, you can already see how Leaf will become a hub for maternity leave mums. And that’s before I’ve even mentioned the vast variety of decaf teas or comfier seating areas on offer.

Happy toddler, happy mum

Although, Ace was pretty reluctant to be in his high chair- because he’d spied the fabulous children’s corner!

Toddler playing with puzzle in Leaf West Kirby

A ‘fenced’ off area with comfy bean bags, books for all ages and wooden puzzle toys- He was in his element! And if it couldn’t get any better, the familiar theme tune of Peppa Pig erupting from the cinema room made all of his Christmas’s come at once. And once he was bored of that- he had the pups in the dog friendly area to go and greet!

Luckily for Ace, our food arrived much quicker than I’d anticipated, and the portion sizes were particularly generous.

Baby cinema room Leaf West Kirby

Delicious grub and going green

I ordered the Red Pepper and Tomato soup with fries and the side order of Mac and Cheese for Ace. All washed down with Turkish Apple Tea. I can confirm all four were delicious!

Turkish Apple tea at leaf west Kirby

On our way out we stopped by the eco friendly ‘shop’ and stocked up on soaps some greenery! But there is also tea, gin and lots of lovely giftware available to purchase too.

All in all, a lovely chilled space to please both parent and child. A family friendly breakfast, lunch and dinner space I know we’ll be visiting time and time again.

Sian x

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