New Beginnings

September is one of my favouirte months- the sun is usually still shining brightly, the leaves start to turn a shade not dis-similar from my hair colour and we can look towards Spring/Summer at Fashion Week. 

September is also known for changes and new beginnings- and this September I will be starting on yet another journey on my winding career path.
As if I wasn’t busy enough, this year I will be beginning to teach- back at my old college, in the class that fed my appetite for make-up exactly ten years ago.

Wirral Metropolitan College will always be held close to my heart- as an eager, make-up obsessed 16 year old they encouraged me to follow my dreams and pointed me in the right direction. Since then I have always wanted to do the same for the next generation of artists.

I will be teaching the VTCT Fashion and Photographic classes, which luckily both take place on my day off from the salon- a Monday!

This qualification focus’s on practical work, and the students will study current trends and look into the history of make-up and how it effects our make-up design today.
Ideal as a starting block to those thinking of a career in make-up artistry.

Luckily for me, the college have been very supportive, in allowing me to alter the college kits. This year my students will be using my favourite professional products from Art Deco, brushes from Crown and hygiene essentials from Pro Make-up Shop.

If you are studying with me this year, I look forward to meeting you very soon!

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